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When I first started my blog SophiaWorld, as mentioned in day 13 of this 30-days blog challenge, I did not have a clear intention of what I wanted my visitors to do. Okay, I wanted them to read my blog and to provide feedback on how it inspired them but there was no clear goal. I was not looking at monetizing from the blog. One year later, I was thinking and feeling big things for brand SophiaWorld. The lovely Felix Mackintosh of Tigersonic mentioned to me the golden ingredient for marketing a business – having an email list. This now leads me to day 15 of the challenge (drums rolls)

30 day challenge
How are you building your email list?

Building a tribe

I admit that I was a bit clueless on how to build an email list, and like Natalie Sisson mentioned in day 15 of this blog challenge, she too had not been paying attention to this.  I was instead focusing on writing the blogs, and coming from the mindset lets get more exposure for the brand by doing interviews and writing guest blogs.

The empty shop

One of the mentors and friends that I found through social media told me boldly one day that with my website it looked amazing, but what was the call of action. She summed it up as having a nice front store and your prospect customer comes in and responding with: “sorry you cannot buy the nice shiny items, as there is no stock.” Thank you Susan Francis. She went on to explain how I need to build my contact list, and give away a valuable source of information – sometimes referred to as freebie.


My hook

So to get more people signing-up to my brand SophiaWorld and my other brand GoGetterMe, I need to focus on the hook. The one thing that people cannot resist – a sweet treat.  I currently have been using mailchimp across all of my brands, so will continue to be using this format.

I recently created my version of a fly-on documentary, a real world behind the scenes of what I am doing in terms of personal and business projects, “the Naked Diaries”.  I think it is an awesome idea, as people often forget the process that goes in becoming and being the successful entrepreneur mindset; or possibly other areas. So my next action is to come up with a fabulous sweet treat, also known as the hook.

You got mail
30 day challenge

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