Twitter is were it got started

It is interesting how in day 4 of the suitcase entrepreneur challenge that it is to about Twitter, the place where my social media journey began. It is also where I created the Avatar SophiaWorld, as I was looking for a shorten title to my full name Sophia Husbands. I later followed with creating my website with the same name. So here is the question for the social media challenge:

Social media Challenge

How are you using Twitter to build your brand, engage with your community and find new customers?

Although I spent some time hanging out in Twitter before launching my website, I really started off in FaceBook. This was to socialise with the people who I already knew. Then I got hooked in Twitter. I tell you what I loved about Twitter, how I can engage with anyone. It was not just restricted to the people in my own network. I can find topics that were interest of me. I never forget back in 2010, coming across the now defunct website on how single people were not necessarily dead. I saw the humour, even wrote my official first guest blog post “Snail v Predator”. In a sense, one might argue that was the real inspiration for starting the blog website SophiaWorld.

What I also like about Twitter is how it made me aware of events, and people with similar mindsets. I have made friends were we have started off initially chatting on Twitter, then seeing each other in the real-world.

SophiaWorld 2013

In FaceBook, I have learnt how to increase interest in my Fanpages from the likes of Amy Porterfield. This was a start. But in terms of Twitter I have not done any training. This has had an affect of my Twitter numbers. One celebrity life coach once said to me, after meeting me face-to-face; and by the way we started our relationship in Twitter: “why is it that your following is low”. After meeting the brand SophiaWorld, she was thinking people will follow you. I am so happy that I took part in this social media challenge, as I am learning about the best features of the different social media platforms. As I am writing this, I am testing out #TwitterContest which helps me with my employability business. Is it not great to get answers within 140 characters?

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