The Perfect Year: Welcome 2014

As the new year draws closer, it will be natural to reflect on the year that has gone by. Last year I wrote the post Something Big, where I discussed my hopes and my dreams for the upcoming year. Well how was this year for me?


It is easy to become excited when making goals and objectives. The end result will make you feel amazing. Or does it? Often people set goals and think that this will make them happy. But a question that should always be asked is “Why” do you want to achieve this goal. I have often heard people who set themselves task and feel deflated when they have finally achieved them: as it was not what the expected it to be. For example when they bought that top of the arrange BMW car, or won the lottery. This is because they never defined what it is that they wanted to feel. This is not for example simply saying that I want to be more successful, as this can mean many things. Success may be increasing your happiness, and not doing something that you do not like – having a dead-end job. Another challenge that may occur with goals is whose expectation is it? I have been previously caught in the mode of doing what I thought was expected from external sources – family and friends etc.

Being Honest

This was a theme that was reverberating around me a lot this year: are you being honest? It took some soul searching to get around to the honest answer to this. I have written about this in more detail in one of my  book to be published in 2014 , the Naked Series. Here, I talked about how I went through a period of confusion and how it felt liberating when I was honest with what I really wanted. I made some decisions and followed through with them. I said goodbye to a business.

New Beginnings

I like fresh starts. You can choose to have one. There was the birth of my niece in May, Sienna Antonia. She is is such a delight.

Sienna pose

There are times when you need to draw a line, conclude a chapter. It is when we let go, that we can bring new opportunities into our lives. Shakespeare once described the world as being a stage. I do see this theme in my life, how it consists of a series of Acts. Some are full comical, others are tragic, some are full of happiness. The thing is that you do get through them.  Life is all about learning, we go through experiences where it may not have panned out very well. At the time we usually do what we thought was best.


I used to think about forgiveness as a concept that you apply to others, but learnt this year how it applies to you. We make mistakes. This may be misjudging a situation, or a person. We have to remember to love ourselves and realise that it is okay.

You are unique

We are born on our own, and we were unique and special. As we grow into society this sometimes gets forgotten, we are categorised and defined by standards. We see adverts saying you have to be this way to be perfect. This is a load of bull!@£. You are perfect just the way you are. People will be attracted to the real you.

Just be

In this new year, I will continue to work towards being true to myself, going on adventures and sharing my journey. I would love you to be honest with what it is that you want, and how you want to be feeling. Get up, even when times get challenging. I wish you a happy christmas and a happy new year. And the only way is forward.

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