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My friends sometimes describe me as Miss Busy, since I like to keep myself occupied with one project or another.  If I had coined a term, one of them would be, “busy is good”.  Let’s say that I can sometimes have a few projects running simultaneously with each other. This is probably due to me being a portfolio professional, as I once wrote on a bio page.

Diversification is the key to keeping up and staying in this current economic environment. This is what some of these successful companies have been doing for years. We have seen this with the Virgin brand. First came the music, then air transportation, brides.  That’s the business entity, how about the person entity?

Along with the busy life, comes the topic of time-management. How can you balance your time, not neglect one area of your life? Can you have it all? This is where the word help comes into play.

The word help can have negative connotations since some may view it as a sign of weakness. At the other end of the spectrum it can be positive.  I went to one event recently about attracting the opposite sex, and the presenter spoke to the audience about how men found it a “turn-on” the feeling of being “needed”. To others there was a sense of pride of helping others.

Help can take shape in different guises.  If you walk into any book store, or surf online book stores like Amazon, you will find many self-help titles:  “Dummy’s guide to..” ; and “How to Be Selfish (and Other Uncomfortable Advice)” to name a few.

People are always evolving and one way is to continuously learn; look at areas where we need to develop.  “Do I need to work on my confidence?” I could read a book such as “Increase Your Confidence in One Day……” by Olga Levancuka. You may be a  confident person but need that occasional “boost”, as life will get in the way from time to time – throwing a curve ball –  now and then.  For example: I am in a settled job, tomorrow I get called into the manager’s office and my lucrative contract is ended. Do I have enough savings? How long will I manage until the money runs out?

It is not wrong to ask for help. It’s amazing how people like to feel that they are helping. This could be for a variety of reasons, for spiritual fulfilment – receiving back “tenfold” for giving with a good heart.

But don’t forget about helping yourself, as this article began. Getting help when required.  But the first step is the “realisation”. Mr Helpless (will use masculine instead of the usual feminine caricature – equal opportunities!), wants help with a project getting out of hand. Why not firstly, get a second opinion since it is amazing how another viewer may see things differently, come up with a constructive suggestion.

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