the “happy” cult

Since last year, 2011, I have been working on myself! It’s amazing how in life we go through different phases from infant to primary school pupil, then comes the later years when we may be at University and soon transitioning into the beginning of our work life; where we need to get serious. Along these timelines we are developing and forming new relationships: BFF (best friends forever); work colleagues; boyfriend or girlfriend relationships.

Going back to the beginning part of the article, we attend and enter the educational system as we are meant to. We form love relationships, as it is part of the human nature to want to be social.

Like with all systems and processes, they can become momentous, routine; before you know it, you can find yourself lost! Talking about Lost, remember that big TV show, where to begin with we did not understand why the characters were on the Island?  Then they woke up, to realise what had happened: how they were stuck in a kind of “purgatory”. During the same year, another British TV series was ending: Ashes to Ashes that was a follow-up to the series “Life on Mars”. The ending had a similar plot to that of Lost.

So why I am a talking about phases, TV shows, purgatory?  I will be coming back to that shortly. Earlier on this year, I wrote an article entitled “Are you Awake?” This was how we can get lost in everyday life, become detached from our own inner-self, self-awareness. What happens when we start to become more self-aware? We can then start to see major shifts in our lives; some positive ones that can increase our inner-peace and happiness. There goes the “h” word – happy! A lot of people when asking them what they would like more of, besides money, is “happiness.”

Some people seek happiness and start their journey, a lot of times, by searching “outward”. How many people have you met who have said: “I am going to find myself.” Or, I want to find love so that I can be “blank”.  Did you guess the missing word, of course “happiness”? Then you get other people who prefer to be unhappy, wanting to dwell on their misery – the dementor.  These people may not even like happy people around them.

I have found from my discoveries that happiness starts from within, not externally.  It is all about “perception”, how you look at events.  Instead of seeing an “undesired” result, see the opportunity to grow, be open to something amazing – finding your Mr/Ms who wants to “grow and share with you”; instead of being “fixated” on that one person who is making you feel insecure and unhappy. (Reference to love, but I am writing a book on that!)

With the shift in perception, some argue that this results in opening your heart to a new way of thinking on life and love, that you seem to be “positive”, a happy “bunny” most of the time. There will be others with their ego shouting: “why are you so positive, there is always one challenge or obstacle that gets thrown in?”  I saw this question poised on a recent forum: “how can a deal with others around me who do not understand how I have found a “truth”? I described this feeling of people thinking that you have joined “the happy cult.” Singing: “Kum Ba Yah, My Lord. Kum Ba Yah.”

We are all going on our own journey at our own pace; needing to come to our own realisations. For example, if you are unhappy deciding that you want to change this state. No one else can do this work for us, as it our “truth”. I would reply to those chants asking why I am happy, “yes I am, sending out my love to you”.


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