The Dementor

We are all spiritual beings, manifestations. Our outlook presence is not only present, our energies are always there. You are probably asking why I am talking about energies? Is this going to be a discussion on religion, spirituality, wizardry (note the Harry Potter magical creature)? No it is going to be more focused on feelings, how it affects us – negative energies.


I am fan of the Harry Potter, the books and movies. One such creature that appeared in the books was the dementor. They were described as follows:


“….they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them… Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you”


I once knew a man who liked to drain all the positivity around him, and this had started once he appeared at the scene. You would be happy, having a positive outlook and he will soon turn this down to a low, miserable pitch. Emotions after all can be “contagious”. (Please read “Genie in the Bottle”).  Who are these people who bring negative energy with them?


Have you met the following characters? You are in a meeting during in the month of July, and one of the attendees complains about how it is looking grey and damp outside – for the summer – making the rest of the team feel miserable.  A couple are celebrating their recent engagement and your partner whispers to you, “I’ll give that no more than five years. She will get bored, fleece him for all his money then get with a new partner.” How about you feeling that you are not reaching full potential in your current job role, wanting to be challenged – go out of your comfort zone – you turn to your partner for career suggestions. They respond with the following suggestions: a customer service representative and becoming their personal assistant, as you were very well organised. This making you feel more disheartened and disillusioned than before. With the last scenario you would think that person should seriously consider “dumping” their partner. Why surround yourself with negative people like that?


But this is life, you will meet all sorts of characters: Mr Positive, Miss Outgoing, Miss Pessimistic, Mr Optimist, and Mr Negative – to maintain equilibrium! Is there a way to avoid the negative person? The answer is a yes and no.  You may choose simply not be around that negative person – physically. There may be instances like that man in the meeting complaining about the rain on what was meant to be a summer’s day.  Do you push him and his negativity out of the boardroom window? You could ignore them and smile, think to yourself that this is going to be a bright day, and before you know it your mood shifts and see all the possibilities and potential. Maybe you will see the rainbows. Is there anything wrong with being Pollyanna?

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  1. Rome
    Rome says:

    Another good article Sophia! Like in Harry Potter, happy thoughts and postive thinking is a way to get rid of dementors. So yes, you are right ignore them and smile.. Then move on!


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