The A-team

As this suitcase entrepreneur 30-days blog challenge has continued, I have been feeling the figurative “burn”.  The saying does go, “no guts, no glory”.  As each day progresses, I have seen Natalie Sisson ask more deep questions like: how do you intend to monetize your online business? And how about the team to support your brand? They are good questions as you need to look at business from a  practical perspective – ensuring that you can take action now.  So this leads me to day 18 of this challenge.
30 day challenge

What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you build your business?


My A-team

When I was growing up in the 1980’s there was a TV show called the A-Team. In each episode the A-Team, who were the heroes, would help the innocent battle the baddies and ensure fair play. Okay, in a business I do not see the outside world as the enemy but it is a battle:

  • To get your brand out there;
  • Attract your ideal customers; and
  • Keeping people interested in buying into your brand.


One way to keep the brand out there is to have a little help from a team, collaborators and partnerships. Up until a year ago I did not fully understand how important affiliations could be in broadening in my fan base. As mentioned in a previous post I was under the misconception that I could do it all.


“A” stands for affiliation

In day 18 of this challenge, Natalie Sisson provided links on leveraging your brand through affiliations. I think that you should earn commission from recommending a product or service that you believe in.  Talking about a brand or product that I like to support is one that Natalie, or to be precise, the two Natalies are doing. They have this 3-months program, which helps people to launch their product or service – make your vision a reality. This program will start on 1st September, so like the Asda caption says, “once it is gone, it’s gone”. And this is until the next one.


Plugging what I like

I already like to shout out on the books that I like to read. This reminds me that I should add this list to my website as I do often get asked, even in interviews: what book do you like to read? So I see myself adding my Amazon links again.

“I like you, you like me, why don’t we do something together”

There are people out there, whom like what I do, and do similar work to me. It is great to chat to them. There are also people out there who may not do what I do but like LIKE it. Why not get a wider audience, by sharing what I do with other brands fans. It is always nice to reach a wider audience.
30 day challenge

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  1. Natalie Sisson
    Natalie Sisson says:

    Love this A Team concept Sophia and thank you for supporting our WE Mastermind program – so excited to have new members come on board as it truly does change lives


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