That Damn Mouse

The inspiration for this blog began a few weeks back. Did you not see my video blog That Damn Mouse on the justsophiaworld YouTube channel?

Now, the story of that Damn Mouse begins. I have always had an aversion to rodents, so much so, that I found that even hamsters gave me the “jeepy creepies”. Rats, mice are vermin! They live in the sewers. Historically the Great Plague of London was caused by the spread of the disease from the rats!

Yes, I do not like mice and you wondering if this will be a rant about them for the rest of this article. Yes and no. I like to take the mouse as what I have become famous for – no, not needing to visit my therapist and talk about “delusions” – but for my allegories.

I was having an interesting week where I discovered how I had an unwelcome guest. Not pleasant, as I like to keep things tidy, even though I had the natural artistic temperament of having things scattered with ideas and concepts.  This soon got resolved after calling in the specialist.

I thought the issue had been resolved, but then (rolling drums), there was more to come, other vermin. I started to think that I must be getting tested, or someone wants to see if I can still have a laugh.  Was this a part deux of my article Starting Over, Yet Again?

I have read quite a few books, and enjoy watching thrillers. One piece of dramatic dialogue that I’ve heard is “I smell a rat”. This usually appears at a interval, where the character comes to a sudden realisaton that there is something not quite right which leads to an unpleasant  discovery. Like rodents they do not formally invite themselves in, but appear when not expected.

This is the person who you thought was nice to begin with, then you see another side of them trying to “maximize” from your work; and you are still awaiting your “royalties”. The woman you met on holiday and promised themselves to you, you sent her money and now her boyfriend is enjoying the “fruits of your labour”.

So what do you do with this mouse or mice? Place out the warfarin and hope that they find it and die. So retaliate. Or work out a way to get them out and not allow them to cause any more mental distress.

That’s the thing about allowing things to fester, they keep growing, stay in your mind and you cannot focus on anything else.  With the law of attraction it can mean that you are blocking out other possibilities since you cannot focus.

It is great to come up with a strategy in dealing with the mouse. Don’t allow more to come and let it fester. Instead deal with it, and move on.


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