the FEAR

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It’s interesting how you start writing something, and then you may get side tracked as inspiration may wane or your mind may flow to something else. I have a confession, less than a month ago I got inspired to write a post with the title, “the Fear”, inspired partly by the Lily Allen song and what I perceived was a common energy in today’s society: wanting to constantly strive for something because they were scared. I am glad that I decided not to write it and wait until now, as I have just completed reading Olga Levancuka [AKA Skinny Rich Coach] latest book, The Ill Society.

Raving fan

Before I begin the review of The ILL Society, I will provide a little background into what inspired me to read Olga’s book. I actually read all of her previous books, and have got them personally autographed by the author herself. Yes, I am a raving fan! Yes we have met and she would not describe me as a stalker. I am neither a groupie, as I like to be my own person and was never one to conform to the general “consensus”. I am I.  And following on from this point this is actually one of the qualities I admire in Olga that she supports people thinking for “him or herself” At the opening of the book, you will see that this is expressed almost as a legal disclaimer when she, to paraphrase says, “you may or may not agree with me but this is okay. I want you to generate your own opinion”. This can arguably be the first time when she approaches the theme of individual responsibility.

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Before I read the book, I conjured up thoughts on what the book will be discussing based on the title a summary. Yes, the saying does go, “do not judge a book by its covers”.  My first prejudgement was that the book will be how in the medical world, that they are creating labels for different mental illnesses in order to keep the pharmaceutical companies rich – duping us.  For example, when I was growing up people whose mood oscillated from one extreme to another were sometimes referred to as manic-depressives. Now today in the digital world, where we can instantaneously find out digressions of celebrityville , we are hearing the term bi-polar. As I write this, the pop star Justin Bieber has been behaving not so well: getting arrested and playing bad-boy. I am waiting to see if he is labelled ‘bi-polar’. Please note here, that I agree that there are mental illness issues. But it seems that labels are being placed too quickly on people.  As Olga asks, are we ill?


The F.E.A.R

As mentioned mental illness does exist. Like a virus it may be contained in one person or be alive in many people. This is sometimes referred to as an epidemic. One of the main themes of the book is the illness of FEAR. This can sometimes be referred to as False Evidence Appearing Real. According to Olga, a lot of us are suffering from this word FEAR. This fear may come from worrying about the future event based on past experiences. The question that was being asked was, “whose fear is it?” Beliefs after all are thoughts that you think are true. Some of these thoughts may have come centuries ago, when it was useful for that particular person. It could have been to control or suppress another. Here is an extract from Lily Allen’s song on fear:

I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
And I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore
And when do you think it will all become clear?
‘Cause I’m being taking over by The Fear

Can you relate to these themes? Are you living in fear?


As mentioned earlier on there was another core theme of responsibility. How we can expand ourselves; as well as participating in society instead of being a spectator. For example, shouting at the TV instead of taken action. Thus the book looks at different social issues, some that may make people feel uncomfortable chatting about at the dinner table: sex, money and politics Et cetera.


Taking off the blinkers

There is the great possibility that may I return to re-read parts of the book since there were quite a few bombshell moments where it looked at different lifestyle themes. This is not to say that the book is too overwhelming but it is a books that will make you take off your blinkers, and really open your eyes to what is going on; make you want to tune in to what you ‘really’ want. Why have I created this fear? To take off the blinkers, you can order yours below: