Fix Me

Advertisements are a part of life. You have people selling to you all the time in different formats, from magazines to the feeds that appear on FaceBook. The purpose of an advertisement is to tap into your needs. Get you thinking that you need this item that can either be a product like iPad, or a service like CV writing. This is okay, as we do need help, or improvement in our everyday life. But what happens when they are just selling a perceived “ideal” on what perfection is?

We like shiny things

Lets face it, people like to look at pretty things and like to aspire to finer things; life luxuries. I like good food, and think that this is one privilege that a lot of us should have. I grew up in the 80’s, which was a boom age where you had television shows like Dallas and Dynasty. It was all about the oil and big-shoulder pads.

Are you imperfect?

People like to feel good, so will do things to get this feeling. It has become easy to improve and enhance areas your life. You will see adverts stating, “Do you have this issue” or “Do you want to have better…?” This screams that issues can be fixed. What if the issue is an alleged imperfection? For example not having big enough breasts. Plastic surgery is a big industry and you do see people making body alterations. When asking why they do this, a lot of times this is because they want to fix what they see as a flaw. I once had a conversation with a lady, who said that one of their best life decisions was having a breast enlargement. She described how she had felt insecure about the size of her breasts. She saw them as being small. Her ex-boyfriend had also made a negative comment about them. So one holiday period, she had surgery done and returned with larger breasts. She said that she felt good and was happier. So she did this to increase her happiness. Was this insecurity she had due to what one person or society described a beauty – having large breasts? Who has the right to define what is beauty? Was beauty not in the eye of the beholder? Is it this supposed flaws that make people beautiful?

“You are beautiful in your own design”

Uniqueness is something that sometimes does not seem to be celebrated enough. But it should do, as it is what makes you who you are. There are people who love you, just for being you. When I was growing up, I had insecurities about myself. I was tall for my age and slim. I remember feeling insecure about my looks. I thought what made me beautiful in society was being slim. As I got older, I realised that I got it wrong, that I was beautiful in my own form. It is amazing how there is a shift when you start to look at your body with love. You start to feel beautiful and your body glows. People will see this and respond positively to it. I was reading the book E-squared, and the author was describing the body hang-ups that they had. As soon as she started to feel positive about her hair and body, she noticed the transformation. How her shape was beautiful. Please note, for those of you who want to change your shape through exercise or dieting, that you first need to love your body, as it will be responding to the messages that you are sending to it.

So please love your beauty.