Season 1, Episode 7: Be Stress Free with The English Sisters

The English SistersStress seems to be one of the common illnesses these days, in this modern fast-paced world that we live in. It is usually one of the root causes for the beginning of other illnesses. Why do we have stress? It can be due to worries of not having, desiring an outcome or more to do with the lack of quality of thoughts that we have. These are the thoughts that are useful, rather than negative ones. In this episode of GoGetterMe, we meet the two amazing sisters: The English Sisters! They were born in London and later moved to Italy. They made learning English fun; which was part of the inspiration for their brand The English Sisters. Fast forward to the present day, where they are renowned Hypnotherapists and NLP experts. They are famous for writing and publishing books on the area of NLP; as you read their work you will usually feel your body instantly relaxing and your mind feeling at ease. Their latest book is on stress management: Stress Free in Three Minutes. Listen to the inspiring GoGetterMe interview, which also includes some go-getter dating advice.

In this episodes The English Sisters shares:

3:00: The 3 magic letters that they discovered. Teaser:“How you learn to programme your mind to get the right mentality to achieve excellence”

6:36: Realisation of their limiting beliefs

8:23: You are in control of your thoughts.  Teaser: “You are supposed to be the driver..”

9:30: The power of reframing.

12:15: How you make things happen. Teaser: “There’s nothing standing in your way if you want to do it…”

19:11 The importance of downloading quality thoughts.

22:10: Dating advice for a person who is anxious about finding the one. Teaser: “Where are you now?”

26:40: The danger of saying a sentence that begins with “I never”
29:40: Their advice on not allowing goals to pressurise you. Create stress. Changing the word pressure to something ‘exciting’
32:50: The magic of ‘knowing’.Having the belief in your vision. Teaser quote: “protecting your dream”

34:35: An extract from their best selling book: Stress Free in Three Minutes.
35:09: A replacement for goals.

41:50: The benefits of not gossiping
42:45: Challenges and how to deal with relationships. Teaser: “let them know that they are loved”
54:00: Tips to live a much more positive life. Teaser: “Model people who inspire you”

56:12: “becoming aware of your inner dialogue …and changing it [when necessary]

58:00: Their word for the year. Teaser:  “To be  present in quantity”


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