Season 1, Episode 5: Meet Dr Laura Nelson: Founder of the conscious entrepreneur

In this episode we meet Dr. Laura Nelson, who is an international coach, speaker and inner mastery expert. She is the founder of the new revolutionary technique the conscious entrepreneur and owner of conscious entrepreneur academy. As an entrepreneur and multi-talented go-getter, Laura understands the challenges of wanting to present your expertise. Her background originally stems from the sciences where she studied pharmacology at Cambridge, and later a doctorate in neuroscience. She has always had a fascination of exploring both the rational and creative part of the mind. But Dr. Laura Nelson’s story does not stop there; she has also worked in different industries including journalism. Once she is passionate about a cause she knows how to get her voice heard. She has appeared on national TV networks throughout the world; and has appeared as a speaker on the prestigious global think-tank platform TED. Who better to share with us, how we can use our greatest asset – ourselves, which may sometimes be under utilized. Learn how you can use your many skills to become an expert and share your best self with the world. Why hide it?

In this episodes Laura shares:

2:16: Her story and what she learnt about ‘personal responsibility’. What inspired her to launch the conscious entrepreneur? Teaser quote: “Looked good on paper…but inside I felt unfulfilled…”

7:38: The benefits of expressing our unique voices and talents. Teaser quote:  “It’s a tragedy” people thinking that they are not creative”

19:00: What is an expert. Teaser:how there are many ways to express yourself that has become the expert industry. Teaser quote: “Anyone can become an expert”

23:28: Two things that you can do move beyond feeling pressure as an go-getter. Teaser quote: “ will feel good when you do it…”

30:19: How we overcome challenges by an inside, outside approach

35:00: The Hamleys  international news story.

42:25: Why it is important to understand your inner workings.  Teaser quote: “Otherwise your mind will control you”

47:27: Why lifestyle balance is not the most helpful phrase for you. Teaser quote: “Priorities is a much better word”

51:15: The benefits of being a conscious entrepreneur, how a non-entrepreneur can benefit too.

57:00: Why indecision is not good for your health.

58:40: find out what Laura was answering in the following quote: “Their dreams and goals are more important than their problems” 61:02:  Things to consider when seeking further training as an entrepreneur.

68:00: Laura’s go-getter word for the year.

How you can connect to Dr Laura Nelson              

Conscious entrepreneur live event Website HQ                                      Twitter                                          

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12 replies
  1. Kris Oster
    Kris Oster says:

    Hi Sophia – I love how you structured the blog post so I can zone in on what part of the interview I’d most want to listen to. So helpful!

    Thank you for bringing Dr. Laura Nelson’s work to us.


    Kris (from Wolfpack)

  2. Sally
    Sally says:

    Thank you both of you. Laura’s story about how she first gained media attention is so inspiring. Amazing!

    There’s so much here I identify with. Especially the burning desire to start my own business and express myself. I launched my second business in May and finally feel like I’m on the right track. I also struggle with the idea of labeling myself as an “expert”. Which is crazy – given that I have 20 years technical and business experience working for top companies. But somehow standing on my own and being an expert in my own right feels different…Having said that, even though it can be scary, it’s also very freeing!

    Thank you!

    • SophiaWorld
      SophiaWorld says:

      Hello Sally,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, it can sometimes feel daunting at first presenting our ‘real’ thoughts and experiences to the world. It’s rewarding when you find how your audience is finding the material relatable. Yes, we are growing and building our expertise. We are experts just by living this experience. 🙂

  3. Carlaquarius
    Carlaquarius says:

    Wow this was such a treat as I am a fan of BOTH of your work! Thanks you for the insights, ladies!! One of my favs: “It’s a tragedy” people thinking that they are not creative.”

    • SophiaWorld
      SophiaWorld says:

      Hi Carla,

      Its good to hear that you enjoyed the podcast. Yes, we have the ability to be creative, and this is demonstrated from when we were young and playing ‘make-belief’ 🙂

  4. James
    James says:

    Hi Sophia,

    I think the genesis of Dr. Laura Nelson’s fame, prominence and success first started with having a disciplined personal responsibility.

    I’m highly convinced that it will be great and rewarding to learn from this veteran, most especially how she prominent media attention.



    • SophiaWorld
      SophiaWorld says:

      Hello James,

      I am glad that you enjoyed the show. Will you be seeing Laura in action and her work, on Saturday 16th August. Taking advantage of the GoGetter offer?

  5. Laura Nelson
    Laura Nelson says:

    Thank you all for your lovely comments! It was such a pleasure and honour being interviewed by Sophia, and the conversation was so much fun. So glad it was valuable and had important takeaway points.

  6. Amanda Pickett
    Amanda Pickett says:

    I’ve recently learned of Dr. Laura Nelson’s work, and I’m so excited to see her featured on the podcast this week! I love the talk about becoming and expert–I believe it’s our duty to build ourselves as the experts in our fields to truly serve our customers. Helpful and insightful, as usual!

    • SophiaWorld
      SophiaWorld says:

      Hello Amanda,

      It’s great to hear your excitement for the guest Laura. Yes, it is a passion of an expert to continue to grow and share their expertise to their aundience. People wanting to be served. Thanks for your feeddback 🙂


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