Season 1, episode 3: The one with Ariaaisms: Ariaa Jaeger

In this episode we meet best-selling author, spiritual coach and mentor Ariaa Jaeger. Ariaa has had an interesting life. This includes working on the set of the TV shows Full House and LA Law. She has sung for the United Nations, and has met some prominent rock musicians.  In 1993, she experienced a death experience that changed her life forever. From this experience she decided to use the insight that she gained to not only approach her life differently, but too also help others connect to their inner resources and live in a more positive manner. Her work has received attention on the social media platform Twitter. She has also caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who has also interviewed her. The theme of this show is looking out our inner resources.


In this episode Ariaa shares:


  • 4:40 – How there is usually a close correlation between illness and inner personal issues. How meditation can be used to get closer to the truth.Teaser quote: ‘Flat line the brain waves’
  • 12:45: Why it is important to be honest with yourself. Teaser quote: “Self denial will lead to [your] eventual implosion”.
  • 13:20: The end of day test that you can do to help you reflect and move forward in a positive manner.
  • 17:00: Finding your path. Teaser: ‘seek not to be validated, but seek to be comfortable in your own skin’ from her book Araaisms.
  • 18:22- Insight into feeling confident about our own our decision making and taking personal responsibility. Teaser: “You have the answers within”
  • 23:00: Her Hollywood experience including LA Law and her connection with the musician David Bowie.
  • 25:00: Her death experience, which was the catalyst to her changing her life and helping people.
  • 30:50: Why mistakes can be good for you.
  • 39:00: ‘The Fuck You’ incident. Teaser line: “you are going to get what you attract”
  • 42:10: Ariaa tips for attracting the things you want into your life.
  • 52:25: What is her word for the year
  • 55:35: Her thoughts on being selfish – self-love.
  • 58:12: She talks about how you contribute to the world. Teaser quote: “don’t get caught up in a participant culture”


You can visit Ariaa’s website and find out more here. You can also purchase her books, which are now also available on Kindle on Amazon. She is very social and you can follow her, and her conversations via Twitter or FaceBook.

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8 replies
  1. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    Ariaa sounds like a person I’d resonate with. A few of the things you mentioned are things I believe in and teach – – self-honesty, being comfortable in your own skin and not seek to be validated, self-love.

    • SophiaWorld
      SophiaWorld says:

      Hello Leanne,

      I’m happy that you enjoyed the Ariaa episode. Yes, self-honesty is always a good place to begin. That is why I always recommend to do a self-check, ever so often. It’s good to reflect and ask, “How do I want to be feeling?” or “What is is that enlights my passion?”


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