Season 1, Episode 2: The one with the nano-economics guy – Halim Madi

In this episode we meet the entrepreneur Halim Madi, who wrote and published his first book of poetry at the age of 17. He owns two businesses. He co-owns Birdback, a company which has a leading platform for connecting online offers to offline transactions using card linked offers. Think, using only one of your bankcards, which allows you to get discount incentives whilst shopping at a variety of stores. He is also the brainchild and chief owner of Nanominded.Halim Madi

As well as being an entrepreneur, Halim is a thought leader; and has been a speaker at TED events in multi-countries, including France and London.  One of his recent talks was on happiness. He is certainly a go-getter!


In this episode Halim shares:


  • 2:18: What is nano-economics. A lesson that was learnt via the 2007 credit crisis on how we are more evolved than just being rational beings. Teaser quote:  ‘We share emotions and our hopes for the future”
  • 6:43: Where was his entrepreneurial spirit was born? ‘The need to seize an opportunity when you see it”
  •  9:13: What  ‘E’ word initially drove him to become a go-getter. Teaser quote: “why not me?”
  •  11:33: The ‘L” word, lessons. Teaser: Being curious.
  •  19:30 Lifestyle balances. Teaser Quote: “How we live our days, is how we live our lives”. Bonus tips on how he structures his days, including how he ends a day on a positive note.
  • 23:00: How he describes a go-getter in 3 steps. 1. Curious 2. Be a doer 3. Opportunistic
  • 25:00: Tips to deal with making those difficult decisions. Teaser Quote: “Factoring out social knowledge”
  •  27:47: Ideas for wanting to get started with a new idea.
  •  28:42: What is his word for the year.
  •  31:31: The value of acceptance in dealing with challenges.
  • 33:40: His book, Reprise or Recrise?
  •  38:20: His go-getter tip, the value of uncertainty and a movie that has recently inspired him. Teaser Quote:  “Life is a playground, where you can create your own story”.


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