Season 1, Episode 1: The Bionic Chef – Eduardo Garcia

Welcome to the premier episode of the lifestyle and mindset show GoGetter Me, where we go behind the scenes of entrepreneur and inspirational people. In this episode we meet Eduardo Garcia, a classically trained chef and entrepreneur who has travelled around the world.Back in the kitchenBack in 2011 due to a hunting accident he lost his left hand. Despite this and finding out about another life threatening illness, he decided to strive forward and in a go-getter form continued to live and create the life he wanted. As well as sometimes appearing on TV networks like CNN and cooking segments, he is the owner of the food company Montana Mex. He also supports and participates in charity events.  In this inspirational interview you will hear about his story before and after the accident.

In this episode Eduardo shares:

  • 3:40: What inspired him to start his business with the philosophy of ‘active ingredient’. Teaser: No kitchen, no problem attitude
  • 11:30 – How he approaches challenges, the steps.
  • 14:30: Things to consider when opportunity presents itself. (Teaser quote:”Regardless of how sweet the fruit hangs in front of you, step back and just think about: 1…..”
  • 17:44: How he makes that big decision
  • 20:11: What he thinks about intuiton
  • 20:40: How failure can be positive
  • 23:33: What he defines as lifestyle balance
  • 27:14: What he perceives as happiness. (Teaser: it is not as complicated as you may think)
  • 35:00: Tips for making changes in your life.
  • 40:08: Why it is important to live by you own standards.
  • 46:10: Talks about the ‘h’ word – help.
  • 49:00: He describes what is a go-getter.
  • 49:57: Find out Eduardo’s word for this year

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    • SophiaWorld
      SophiaWorld says:

      Thanks Llyane, as mentioned in the interview I saw Eduardo’s story on a newsfeed last year and thought that, “I have to interview, this inspirational guy” 🙂

    • SophiaWorld
      SophiaWorld says:

      Hello Carla,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the interview with Eduardo. Yes, he is an inspirational person. I hope you continue to enjoy the other episodes.


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