“Just get by”: Are you really wanting to change?

In order to get to a new destination, some form of movement needs to take place. In our everyday life there are different forms of movement taking place. You may decide to go on holiday. The mode you will take may be an aeroplane. In order to do this, you make your booking and take your passport in order to board the aeroplane. One important part of this journey is that you need to feel comfortable on that plane. If you do not like flying then there may be other modes of transportation. Some may take longer, for example going by boat or by train. You may wonder what the point that I am making here. It was with the word I began with, “movement”. If you want to make a change, reach a different destination then a form of movement needs to be made.

“They were comfortable in their zone” 

Let’s get creative and look at a story of fiction that can be played out in the real world. After all, they do say what you imagine can become reality. There were two characters: Zena and Zodus. Zena has always been a bit of an adventurer. She will travel to different continents to explore different culture and food. Most of her experiences were positive. Even when things did not go according to plan like when she met Vadar – a dark lord – who made her feel disconnected from her inner love. Life to her was about exploring, and this meant that she had to move out of her own natural comfort zone sometimes. Zodus was one of Zena’s friends. She loved hearing about Zena’s adventures; even there was a part of her that was jealous, as she wanted to have some more adventure in her life. Zodus had convinced herself that living in her natural comfort zone was fine. She will always work her life around it. Even stop pursuing one dream so that it can be workable on natural comfort zone. One day she asked Zena, “how do you do it, I would like to have more freedom coins, than what I am getting now from my part-time job?”. Zodus did not like working full-time hours. Zena thought that she was asking for a passive freedom job. But first, she thought that it would be better to find out what Zodus wanted. Zena sent a wheel of life survey to her. Two days later Zena asked her, “So how is the wheel of life survey going?”. Zodus replied, “I started and stopped in the middle”. From this Zena delved further, she soon found out that Zodus wanted her to play a more active part in helping her to get more freedom coins. She wanted Zena or someone else to invest in passive income, take risk without herself putting time and money in. When Zena explained to her that she will need to sometimes step out of the natural comfort zone, then Zodus then said, “You know what, I think I am happy being in natural comfort zone”. Just at that moment WrightWise, the local wise man, announced over the tannoy: “To be comfortable with the unfamiliar is the Zone to be in!”

“Change is about doing things differently, not the same way”

You cannot on one hand want to have a change in your life, but continue to perform the same actions. You know what albert Einstein said about insanity – expecting things to change. Here is a reminder:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

“I decide”

Like one celebrity coach said to me once, you do not need to necessarily go out there and strive for more. So for Zodus, it is fine if she is happy with her current destination. If, she wants to travel to a different zone then she will have to accept that she will need to move away from her comfort zone. She also needs to believe enough in the wanting to make the change. She cannot expect other people to simply invest time, money and not willing to take a risk.

Question: so have you met that person, or are you that person whom complains about wanting to change their life; but decides to manage it just the same to just get by?



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  1. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    I love the way you wrote this post. Sometimes I get out of my comfort zone and do what it takes to make the change I want. And other times I stay in the comfort place. I’m aware of that, though, and I know what I need to do if I really want what I say I want.

    • SophiaWorld
      SophiaWorld says:

      Thanks Leanne for commenting. It is good to be self-aware about when you are snuggling a bit in your comfort zone. And also know when to unwrap your comfort blanket 🙂


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