Let Love In: Preview

On Saturday the 20th October, I attended a love workshop: Let Love In. This was organised and presented by the two lovely “spirits”, Sara Ellis and Nisha Gera. Sarah is a hypnotherapist, who also has her own radio show on Untangled FM. Nisha specialises in yoga, massage, Reiki and laughter yoga. This was a workshop getting participants ready to be open to love. There was focus not only on mind but also body. It ended with a laughing high – Yoga Laughter.

Is there anything like a free meal ticket?

When I have taught law of contract in the past, I have defined the concept of “consideration” – what each party get’s in return. How you don’t get something for nothing. This leads me to a “confrontational” topic of how some woman are seeking a “life-style” of receiving material items from men. Some may call this “selling oneself…”; other may view it as a “need”.