The Return of Love Happy Body

Back on a November night in 2014, I had a dream. It was so vivid and clear that I remembered the words, “Love Happy Body.” I knew that I would go on to create something from the name Love Happy Body. The plan was to create a lifestyle and wellness brand that would focus on the area of love, where I thought I may have been clueless in the matters of the heart. So I did not mind going on a journey of self-discovery. I had already addressed happiness, which had increasingly become my niche, having also penned my first book, Be Happy. I had created mantras and words of encouragement to inspire a generation of people who were tired and fed up with believing that they were not enough. Needing to search for that thing that they lacked which, to be honest, was targeted a lot in marketing. Finally, I addressed the body. Here I was to share my body journey to reach peak fitness. I was going to get my body in tiptop shape, ready for the day when it would nourish and nurture a growing child. That was my vision

Look at Hilaria Baldwin liking my handstand – celebrity love


And the headstand..

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It has not exactly turned out how I’ve expected, but…….

This year I reach a milestone birthday. And of course, reaching a milestone will bring up space to reflect on ‘Who I am,” “Am I staying true to my core life values?” and “What desires and goals do I want to be making a reality?”

In terms of where my brand Love Happy Body is, I am proud of how my baby has grown into her own person. And not simply referred to as “just that lifestyle or wellness blog,” but instead by her name, Love Happy Body. Yes, she is a she. She encompasses feminine energy and is a nurturer. Please note, this is not to say that the masculine form is banned, as there must be duality. It is what creates “what is.” And we are opening our eyes and seeing more of this through acceptance. For example, there is now a gender description assigned for binary. Back in the day, if we were to talk to me about binary, I would say we were either talking about maths or computers. This is also a great illustration of how I want the Love Happy element of my brand—unconditional love and happiness—which equates to being understood and accepted for who we are. I am a great campaign activist for YOU being You. [Not in a patronising tone, where the dialogue begins, “Be your authentic self…”] This movement will go on and will continue to go on, as it is needed. I hear it from the ground – not literally – the dialogue of fear of expressing oneself. Just the other day I was sitting in a FaceBook live, where one of the participants shared why she did not approach a man who took her fancy because she was called “slutty.” I make no apologies for being human. We need to elucidate our truth and emotions. The wellness industry is not a trend but here to stay as we need to continue having lifestyle and wellness conversations.

Talking about wellness. The Body and the Mind are connected

I had planned on doing a segment for Love Happy Body connected to health. I did start off talking about nutrition. I invested time studying nutritional therapy and that kind of took a pause. And when you do not commit to a sacred practice of looking after your temple, you will see the after effects. I have seen this by being slightly over my healthy weight, with clothes not hanging off me the way I desire. But I still love that reflection and person in the mirror. I know that I need to ease back into a rhythm. Be gentle. Yes, love your body!

Morning selfie of midriff



The next phase of Love Happy Body – the return

Love Happy Body has kept to the promise of being inspirational. As it is needed! We all need reminders as we forget sometimes that we are awesome as we are, we are enough, and we are worthy of a rich and juicy life. We always have answers, even when we may think otherwise. I can understand why these feelings of inadequacies come up, as we are reading, watching, and hearing advertisements telling us we are lacking in something, or may not even be good “enough.” There needs to be a “pain point” in order for us to be served. I do not know who started this trend but would love to have a word.


I am no longer The Fixer…


I am not here to fix you. I can only work on myself and provide inspiration from my insight on life experiences. The other day I received a message from a friend who talked about staying in a situation that was not too healthy, but she was not ready to change it. Once upon a time, I would have had the strongest urge to say, “Stop self-harming!” Then I would describe ways in which she could have been more kind and loving to herself. But now I know better. All I can do is share my experiences of love. I am not necessarily referring to romance, but more to the choices I make. We have always loved connecting to stories, for as long as we can remember. It is even better when there is a message of hope and love. After all, we are striving for Harmony. I fell in love with the following quote: “Live in Harmony, for we all related.” ~Native American quote


A new act is about to open

If you feel that it is sad that this story has ended here, please do not, as there is more to come.

A new  Love Happy Body series has begun,  “Love Your Body NOW” campaign.  Follow my journey as I work on healing my body after the trauma of a car accident; and welcome in a new milestone. See how you can continue to feel good after 30. How you can feel good, have energy and the confidence that comes from your own history. Who said there is a limit to being the beautiful YOU?

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