Possibilities: Our Inner Resources

Sometimes life seems like an obstacle course, the best laid plans having unexpected surprises cropping up. These are tests to see how we will face these challenges, I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase ‘ don’t lose sight of the end goal’, but sometimes it seems that there are forces beyond our control conspiring against us, keeping us from this ‘goal’. So what do we do? Do we crumble and fall, change our plans or do we determined as ever charge forth to our goal.

This past year I have found to be the year of duplicities, with every negative there has been a counter positive and vice versa. I have found there have been moments of despair and moments of euphoria. I have felt that sometimes I can not get anything right no matter how hard I try and then sometimes I have felt like an unstoppable force. However, throughout all these times I have remembered my ‘inner resources’, this is a term I have heard over the years. We all have something internal within us that we can draw on in these times, this grounding force that can return us to a place of balance.

For some their ‘inner resource’ may be spiritual, drawing on the feeling of a higher being protecting them and guiding them through these challenges. Personally I have found it helps to focus my thoughts and energies internally, I listen to my breath and calm it, I listen to my body where is the tightness and I take my mind to my ‘happy place’. I visualise a field of wild flowers, I am lying in the soft grass, eyes closed I can feel the warmth of the sun on my body; I can hear the buzz of nature surrounding me. I feel safe here, I feel loved here and I feel I will survive.

In this busy social world, where we always seem to need to be moving I ask all of you to take a moment and just draw on those ‘inner resources’ and to trust them, take your mind to your own personal ‘happy place’.