We’d all like to live a happier life, to feel comfortable in our own skin and as though we are living authentically. But happiness, like most of the really worthwhile things in life, is a work in progress.

We live in a time where we’re constantly bombarded with images and messages about happiness through social media, television, films and magazines. People present their edited highlights on their Facebook feeds, they show off picture-perfect lives through an Instagram filter, and we’re told that happiness lies in more money, less weight or finding the perfect partner.

The more we see these messages, the harder it is to be happy. It can feel as though everyone else is in on the secret but us.

Get your pocket book on happiness

In my ‘Be happy’ ebook, I talk about happiness from a more realistic perspective. I strip away the mixed messages that can make you feel like you’re the only one struggling to be happy and I give you some amazing tools and exercises to simplify your life and get past the distractions that may be keeping you stuck.

  • Explore acceptance and how it can make a big difference to your happiness

  • Allow the ebb and flow of your emotions (it’s OK to cry)

  • Strip away the unhelpful media messages about happiness

  • Get honest about what’s holding you back

  • Identify the things in life that no longer serve you

  • Make gratitude a daily practise

  • Give your inner child a voice

  • Find fun in the small things

In “Be Happy” first time author Sophia Husbands chronicles all the elements which create and generate happiness. Her style of writing is just that, happy and her thoughts and energy are simply infectious. A short and to the point read for anyone needing a reminder of how simple it is to be happy

Ariaa Jaeger, Best-Selling Author; "Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul" & "The Book of Ariaa Quotes for a Luminous Life"

“Highly recommend this book by a lovely inspirational & smart lady :)”

Nicola BeaumontHypnotherapist & Psychology Student

We’ve just finished reading ‘BE Happy’, a lovely start to the day! Congratulations we think anyone that reads it will benefit and learn how to feel happier and live a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Smiles from The English Sisters xAuthors of Stress Free in Three Minutes, Hypnotherapists, Experts in Stress Management.

Be happy is an enlightening piece to read. It is written with humour and effectively influence you to become happier in life!

Romelyn Keeling

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