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If you ask a person what one thing they want, that is valuable to them after good health, is happiness. We can see this when we are hearing statements such: “happily married” and “happily ever after”. Okay, the last statement was from a fairy tale but happiness is what most people are striving for.

“Happiness is not always”

There are of course going to be times, when your happiness level may dip and this is fine, as you need to accept the times when you may need to release the negative emotions. Happiness is an emotion.

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 “You are perfect how you are”

Being happy is about living your life on your terms and being comfortable in your own skin. This may be a challenge in a world where you are sometimes being told to forsake your dreams and desires, to live what is meant to be the proper way.  How about those captions that you see in advertisements, hinting that you can be better and improved – like you are imperfect?


“Be Honest”

Getting happy starts with being honest with yourself, going back to the time in your life, which was probably your childhood where you did not fully comprehend the word limitations.

 “Me, myself and I”

There is nothing selfish about addressing your needs first. How can you help the other person on the plane, which is going down, if you lose oxygen?  Often it is advertised that to continue to have a healthy relationship with your partner, it is good to go on date nights frequently. How about your first relationship with love? Yourself. It is good to be happy and to enjoy your company. How about having a date night with yourself?

“Be silly” 

When people grow up, they sometimes feel that they can not have fun and be silly. It is the joy that helps people to enjoy and appreciate moments more. Happiness has also been noted as helping people eradicate illness.

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