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Eat Pray Love: The cycle of life

I was recently watching the movie again Eat Pray Love, which was adapted from the book of the very same name. It was a nice romcom [romantic comedy] to watch on a Saturday afternoon. As I watched it, I started to think about the significance of its title: Eat, Pray and Love.  How it can […]

It’s your life: Defining your timeline

I was watching a webinar last week, which was being presented by Katie of the Daring and Mighty. One of the points that jumped out was when she discussed how we often get attached to the identity that describes our situation. How this in sense can either lift us or depress us. “So tell me […]

Your Dreams Are Valid

As I write this post, it is the day after one of the biggest annual events in the film industry – the Oscars.  From the time of when I was younger I always found Hollywood, the film industry, as where you can escape into the stories. There was ‘magic’. One of the big winners of […]

the FEAR

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It’s interesting how you start writing something, and then you may get side tracked as inspiration may wane or your mind may flow to something else. I have a confession, less than a month ago I got inspired to write a post with the title, “the Fear”, inspired partly by […]

The “Expert”

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   In this time, which we live in, life is digital. We can connect with people much easier through the World Wide Web. This can be through the medium of sending email messages or having video chats via Skype. We also have access to different informational products. This can be […]

Just Do it: A New Year Tale

It has taken me some time to add pen to paper, of course figuratively speaking, to write about a New Year and resolution as a theme. For people who know me, I am not big on New Year resolutions. This is not to say that I do not like to make clear what it is […]