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The “talker”

The “talker” What is the word for a person who likes to over promise, says that they will do something and fails to deliver?  The over promisor, talker, chatter, idiot or bulls£$ter? I once knew a guy who liked to talk about what he planned to do, from becoming a business owner by the age […]

The “like” Factor

The “like” Factor I was speaking to a career coach a few weeks ago and the subject of likeability came up. How when meeting people for the first time, we will make deductions about the other person: are they pretty, fat, friendly and likeable? Yes, we can decide within a few moments of meeting a […]

Back to Black: A dedication to Amy Winehouse

Back to Black: A dedication to Amy Winehouse Today, I was going along with my normal day-to-day business – doing errands, getting ready for one of my new students -and then came the phone call from Geri announcing:  “Amy Winehouse has died”.  I stared back at my iPhone feeling dumfounded.  Amy Winehouse is dead?  This […]

Enemy becomes him…..

Enemy becomes him….. A few months ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who I had not spoken to in a while – so it was a kind of catch up: how is life treating you style of conversation.  She started off this conversation sounding a little down, and I probed her further […]

The Wrong Bra Size?

The Wrong Bra Size? I had a meet up with one of my friends the other night.  It was a typical “girly” night out, catching up with each other, having fun.  The conversation later turned to bra sizes. (No, this article will not be about “breasts” and how they come in different shapes and sizes) […]

Genie in the Bottle

Genie in the Bottle When I was younger, I was very into watching the Disney movies and other make-believe stories. It was a kind of escapism – going on a journey for a period of time. One concept that I found fascinating is when reading or watching stories where there will be a genie in […]

How much is too much information?

How much is too much information? I am a person who is signed up to social media in the form of having my own Twitter and Facebook accounts.  I thought that the initial concept of Facebook, keeping up-to-date with friends and family through pictures and wall updates was great an idea. But now this group […]

Case of the neighbour

Case of the neighbour There is a passage from the bible that states: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. The Bible, Romans 13:9 (King James Version) What happens if it is difficult to love your next door neighbour? I loved my former next-door neighbours who were very easy-going and almost like family. They would […]

Starting over, yet again

Starting over, yet again It’s amazing how much we rely on information technology these days: iphones, text messaging, mobile phones, internet, Skype to name a few. What did we do before these inventions, I wonder at times? With me, I cannot get by without my beloved laptop – it contains my life – information such […]