Age ain’t nothing but a number

It’s been a little while since I last published a blog. Sorry guys and girls, I write about life-style issues, so need to be living life to be writing about it.

I thought, I talk about a topic that will continue to be discussed to the end of time: Age. That is one thing that is guaranteed in life is: that we will all age! Why write about this? (No, I’m not using google Ad-words to plug younger skin cream products. Not that I would mind receiving some skin freebies. I do love my skin, and you should take care of it since scientifically it’s the body’s largest organ)

Well, one reason is that it is a topic that is trending this week in the SophiaWorld radar.  Wow, it’s amazing how I coin terms spontaneously like the former.  (Last week was the week of speaking to PR. It’s all about the brand, after all. Two PR specialists talked about “trends”). Sorry for digressing a little here, so now will go back to the topic in hand: age.

I am a fan for easy-reading and do confess to being a reader of the DailyMail  newspaper( Today was the first time in a little while where I thought that I needed to have my own “shout”. This shout was on two topics, I now count three: age, woman, man’s world.  There was an article on a female celebrity Alexa Chung, who is age 28 and who was “allegedly” flirting with the ten years younger Harry Styles. The band member who seems to be the favourite for cougars, yes the word for older woman who like to date younger men. I recently did an Internet search on that term; the one that caught my eye was the urban dictionary definition: “an older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man”. How predatory does that sound? But dating and romance is a “hunting” ground.

Why is it that society likes to shout when an older woman is dating a younger guy, so much so, I saw another new term formed last week for this type of woman “Nougaur”, the reference to the younger, older woman who like their younger men.  When attempting to correct the article writer Emily Sheridan, about how she can be described as a Nougar, not Cougar; this comment was blocked.  I will have my rant with the Daily Mail moderator and sensor team later.

I went on to say that you do not hear the phrase, “dirty old man”, quite often.  So much so, when a friend of mine mentioned how back in the Philippines they chanted D.O.M, I had to ask her to explain what these initials stood for. Yes, a true story, Romelyne would back this up.

This week the DIY SOS presenter, Nick Knowles, married the  “rumoured” daughter of a family friend.  There was an age difference of 25 years. Talk about irony, the bride was also 25 years old !  In the commentary there were mixed reviews, one poster commenting on how they found older men sexy and had married one.  I don’t have anything against dating guys older than myself; and this has been from 11months to 7 years, so far.

Was this article just another example where we live in a society where there was one rule for men, and another for women?

When it comes to love, like other relationships should the focus be more on the “connection”, like the late singer Aaliyah sang:

“Age ain’t nothing but a number.

Throwing down ain’t nothing but a thang..”

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