Skipping Christmas

What do you think about Christmas?



There is one annual anniversary each year, celebrated in hundreds of countries that for some evokes excitement; whilst for others it evokes dread. There is one anniversary, celebrated each year that will evoke excitement for some, like young children; and for others, dread. Can you guess what anniversary it is, although the title of this piece may have given it away: Christmas. So question: when you think about Christmas, how does it make you feel?


The 4 caricatures


In answer to the previous question, you may fall into the following categories. Please meet the 4 caricatures:



Mr Panic

Mr Panic each year promises himself that Christmas will go very well, full of ease and it will be effortless. But somehow this does not occur. They, despite their best intentions, get overwhelmed and end up almost enjoying the day.


Miss Takeabreak

Miss Takeabreak does not panic about the holiday, as it is simply a time when she takes a break. She is very clear with how she will work around family and friends during the holiday, and there is acceptance from all parties.

Mr Broke

Mr Broke, says that he will keep to the budget each year; but somehow overspends. He likes to please everyone with his or her gifts. He sees Christmas as the time to create a big production. One with not just gifts, but all the displays and work. He kinds of have a good Christmas, but not a healthy financial start to the New Year.


Miss Family

Miss Family loves Christmas, as it is the time of the year where she gets to see all of her family. That is what makes it her day.


So Christmas, may mean different things to you…


Could you relate to one of the four caricatures? You may have related to more than one of the characters. The thing about Christmas is that it is a holiday that some celebrate.

Question: Is a holiday something that you are meant to enjoy? Second question: Is a holiday a time when you usually take a break? Your answer to the questions may have been a resounding yes. So much so that the person next to you may have turned around. Next question, if you answered yes to both of these questions and presently do not enjoy Christmas, then the follow-up question is: how do you want to be feeling about Christmas?



Christmas is about making it yours


Have you not noticed that when you think about Christmas, it evokes feelings? This is because Christmas is about feelings and importantly, how you want to be feeling? Again, “how you want to be feeling?” So the first step in designing the Christmas that you want is to define what is the feeling that you want to evoke. You can make Christmas how you want it to be.