Know thyself – Part 1

In order to know where it is that you want to go, you first have to understand who you are.


So who am I?

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You are a person who plays different roles in your everyday life. With each of these roles also come responsibilities. This may be in your personal relationships –family and friends; but also in your work life. And then there is a third key element, one that you may bypass, forget or ignore at times. This is the relationship that you have with your different “selves”. These are all parts of you, both the core ones that get highlighted and sometimes focused on when summing up you; as well as the ones that may not come to light – your shadow selves. Both of these aspects make up who you are. There is no need to suppress either of them, as doing so can lead to feelings of imbalance or even unhappiness.


So how do I get to understand myself?


You may already have a pretty good idea of who you are, based upon your relationships with others and your responsibilities. But how about your inner core? The part of you that wants to have a purpose in what you put out into the world. What lights you up? What gets you excited about life? You may feel a bit unsure about these questions at first, especially if you currently come from a thought process that life is about survival and you just plod on with the day-to-day stuff. Thinking that this is not being real; and that being happy and fulfilled is a dream. This is B.S. – pardon my French! We are in now in the era where emotional wellbeing is becoming the forefront in social responsibility and even corporate responsibility. People are realizing the importance of looking after themselves. Not curing disease but trying to prevent serious health issues. This is looking at both body ánd wellbeing.


“Whose thought/belief is that?”


One of the first things needed in getting to understand who you are, is to listen and pay intention to your internal dialogue. This is what you say to people and think about yourself. Do you have thoughts of doubt or fear? If so, where does this come from? Is this from your past experiences? And what about your different roles? Are you a leader or follower? Do you like to “fix” people, as I had a tendency to do previously in relationships? If so, where does this role originate from? That last question is a good question to ask when looking at your beliefs. You may find as you delve deeper, that some of the beliefs that you have may need to be altered or even removed. As a starting point to understand yourself and your internal dialogue, is to ask yourself questions and just writing down what thoughts come to you. It may not make sense, but it will have a reason. I like to call it “having a conversation with myself”. There is a picture of my journal. This journal can also be in an App that you use. For example Evernote.

My conversations with myself journal

First Task: So start listening and acknowledging all of you. Buy your “Conversations with yourself”- journal or use an app like Evernote. I look forward to hearing about your experience below. I’ll see you in part 2!