Celebrating Womenhood: International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. A day, which was created in 1911 to commemorate the role that women play in society. You may wonder why we should be reminded of the role that women play in society. Is it not obvious that inequality is still prevalent in some areas of society? Women are known to receive less than their male counterpart for doing the same job. They are still a minority in management and the judicial system. Women tend to play the supportive role to their husbands, in the background, rather than the other way around – putting their ‘dreams’ on hold. Talking about responsibilities, how about the woman’s responsibility for her own wellbeing?


“Men and Women are not the same”

Women and men are biologically different. They have different sex organs, and their thinking method has been proven to be different. Both men and women have the same hormones. Men have more testosterone and women more estrogen. These differences must be accepted and celebrated. But instead, we live in a society where if a woman is perceived to be strong, then she is considered and referred to as having ‘balls’. William Shakespeare in the Taming of the Shrew, points out that men always wanted to be dominant and thought that a strong women should be tamed.

“Things are not as fair as they appear”
Women now appear to have more choices than before. We are no longer depicted as staying at home, being a good wife, lover, mother and housekeeper. But this is not what it appears to be. At a recent talk that I did at a Ladies Night up in London, I spoke to some of the attendees and realized that there was a common theme amongst some women that they did not have the right to ‘dream’, and it was not in their role to step up and follow their dream. They all thought that they should play the roles of supportive partner, nurturer and provider. There is nothing wrong with that. However, they should understand that if they have the potential to do other things, and the time to do it, then they should go for it.

Age of the metrosexual man

metrosexual man
We live in the age of the metrosexual man. We live in the age where there are men who have moved away from the traditional thinking in terms of where women’s responsibilities should lie. We live in an age where a man will accept that his wife is the main breadwinner, or higher wage earner. We live in an age where a man may be a househusband. We live in an age where a man may accept the significance of a ‘feminine approach’ and outlook. We live in an age that despite a man at first being scared of what may seem to be an empowering woman, they are happy to support them. Yes, there may be some men who may not ‘act’ like that supportive man but I know supportive men. I saw this in my late father, who planted the seeds of me being a go-getter. I also see this in the network I have, where I have an awesome editor who reminds me to step into and embrace my empowerment. Women, we have come along a long way.

Lets celebrate and encourage awesomeness

We have the power these days with the speed of communication, to spread positive messages.

How do we promote and create more equality?

1. Its okay to embrace both ‘pretty’ but also embrace action toys. In society we tend to stereotype. Women are expected to be soft, pretty and sexy. But women can have their action.
2. Marry success. The characters of Jane Austin, always married men of position and money. Today, there are books on the market like ‘Smart Women Marry Rich’. My late grandmother always told my mother that women should be independent of men. This has proven to be correct because my mother is strong, successful and was the breadwinner of our family when my dad became ill.
3. Use sensuality, rather than looks. Sex sells but for too long women have been using their sexuality to get what they want. How many adverts do you see with men shaking their booties? Your sensuality is natural; there is nothing wrong with projecting that you are comfortable within your own skin.
4. Allow your dreams to come and be shared. We all have dreams, desires and passions. It is part of our makeup. We shouldn’t suppress them. We should share them and get the necessary support to make them happen.
5. Stop demonizing men. We allow, not give our power away. Blaming is shifting the responsibility. Over the decades women have had the courage to stand up, and open paths for other women. Often woman may say that it is their partners that are keeping them back. This is a cop out.
6. Use the power of collaboration. Both men and women can support each other. I work with both men and women. My editor is a man. He is one of my cheerleaders, who encourage me to go out there inspire and help other people become go-getters.
7. Appreciate both your feminine and masculine side. We need balance. We need to appreciate the duality of our masculine and feminine energy. I am intuitive and I set achievable goals. I am a go-getter.

On this day, lets celebrate our similarities and our differences. We must always have positive thoughts.

This article was inspired by my mum, the supportive men out there and the empowered women.