“J’apprends” or “I learn”

It is never too late to learn. It is never too late to look at something from a different perspective. It is never too late to learn a new insight, which may even be about you, as life is a continuous learning journey. I am a fan of that Shakespeare line “All the world is a stage”. Life is a series of Acts where there is a beginning, middle and end. At the beginning is where you start something new, be it a new job or a new relationship; and the middle part is where all the action takes place. You may also refer to this latter stage as the ‘to play’ or “jouer”, which is actually my favourite word in French. And, it is at the conclusion where you get the discovery or découverte, as they would say in Français. Talking about Français, I recently started to take French lessons as it has been on my list of things that I have wanted to do for some time – revisit learning French. Has this been you, where you have wanted to try something new or to return back to a place?

The return: “But I have been here before!”

A return can occur frequently in our lives. It may be returning to a physical location, as in your travels, or even to an experience.  Some people sometimes say that once they visit a place then they will not return. This may be because they believe that they got what they needed from the experience – it being a lesson – or that they did not have a good experience. The latter is understandable as often when we fear a reality, it may become difficult to see a truth or alternative possibilities.-Does (2) difficult to see a truth or alternative possibilities.

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Sometimes, it is hard to see a truth. This may be due to feeling a range of emotions, which may be negative. I will now share my own personal story.  I was once recounting an experience of when I went to a location. This was when I decided to go on a new adventure with hope and joy. It was going to be life changing, as I was moving away from friends and family, to a life unknown. At the time things started off well, and due to certain circumstances I had to change my plan. I had a partner, who turned around and said to me, “You should not have gone. It was a mistake” Although things did not go according to plan, I can remember having some good experiences. I even thought that by having that experience, it prepared me to go on bigger adventures. But those words, which included ‘mistake’ did stick with me, although I did not realise. I shared this with another person. They reminded me that failures do not exist, as they are simply how you relate to an event.

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 Tips for learning

J’apprends le français (1)


As discussed a return can be a good thing as it is a new opportunity to learn.  Here are some tips to learning from a past location or something new.

  1. Make it fun. If you are not finding ‘joy’ or able to play in your learning journey then you are doing something wrong. When approaching something new, think of it as a new adventure where you get to learn new things.
  2. Be open. It can be easily to fixate in beliefs and thoughts. It is nice to see things from a new or different perspective. In my experience of learning French there are some French and English words that have similar meanings; and others that have different nuances or meanings, sometimes referred to as ‘faux amis’ or ‘false friends’. It is interesting to learn the differences.
  3. See and feel the end destination.  It may be a principle that you may have come across when studying the rules of the ‘law of attraction’, but it is always relevant when setting new life goals, visions or intentions. You need to feel and know how it is like to be at the destination. This for me will be enjoying French Art movie, and having more opportunities to talk about my work in France.
  4. Don’t worry about not being perfect, making mistakes. It’s from these experiences that you can improve. This is similar to taking singing lessons where you sing in different keys, and then you master what may at first seem to be a difficult ‘high’ note – but then it comes with ease.
  5. Get a buddy. It is good to have someone who is going through a similar experience to you, or has already been there as they can be a motivator.
  6. Give yourself rewards. It is nice to treat yourself, and acknowledge certain ‘milestones’ in your learning journey.
  7. Think of the process as an opportunity to grow and expand.

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If you are to revisit a place again, think of yourself as someone who has blossomed and has a lot to give and gain. Question: How do you find the learning journey?