Season 1, Episode 6: The one with the Traveller: Meet Daniel Baylis


Some people dream about travelling around the world in a year; whilst others don’t just dream about it, but simply do it. This was the case for Daniel Baylis, the author of the book the Traveller: Notes From an Imperfect Journey Around the World.  This book is a memoir of his journey around the world, starting on 1st January 2011 and concluding on 31st December 2011. Back then; he visited a new country each month in exchange for making his contribution to the local society. You will learn that Daniel’s journey in some sense did not conclude, as he took some insights that shaped how he looks at life. He also discovered the power of his inner resources!  In this interview we meet a go-getter who decided to get started, and go follow their dream.

In this episodes Daniel shares:

1:50: Why he decided to write the book.

2:40: His year of travels

3:50: How he structured the book. His style of writing.

5:37: How he wanted to provide his reader with accesss to the emotional side of embarking on a big life adventure. Teaser:  “he wanted to give an insight to what was happening inside as well as outside”

9:15: When he made that decision to embark on this world trip. Teaser quote: “If I don’t do this trip now, who would I be?”

10:44: What advice he would you give someone who wants to take a year out and travel? Teaser quote: “we choose what we want in life…”

12:45: How you can combine travel with work.

14:00: Leaving your relationships behind. Teaser quote: “Some people may travel to disconnect from relationships”

19:38: His mode of travel, giving to the community in exchange for his accommodation. “Involvement, rather than drifting…How can I be helpful?”

24:15:  Dealing with challenging social situations. Teaser: the guinea fowl situation.

27:00: How to maintain your endurance on a long trip. Teaser: How to keep your energy up.

29:43: Knowing your boundaries. Teaser quote: “Travel puts you in the situation where your boundaries may be tested”

29:30: What did he gain from travelling.

31:15: Does travelling answer questions in your life. Teaser quote:“We are always finding pieces of ourselves… There is no singular vent which is going to reveal the total self”

33:00:  How he dealt with his expectations. Teaser: Be open, and not too rigid when having a vision.

43:29: Daniels word for 2014

43:45 Describes what a go-getter is.

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The House of Fear

There is an epidemic going about. It begins with the letter ‘F’, fear. In the world we live in, change is inevitable. There are always new things to learn and discoveries. We have seen this with some of the great inventions, from the steam trains to the World Wide Web. As habitual creatures, this can cause some discomfort at first, as we do not know what to expect. How it is going to impact our lives. We will lose our jobs? The ailment of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) may set in.


Going back to the context of careers and business opportunity, this can sometimes stall progression. It can be making a change, making a movement. Examples are: investing in oneself, investing in a new business, or transitioning into a new career. Questions to ask yourself, next time you feel the fear setting in. What is the end goal? How will it lift and expand your life? This is one thing to get you going. It just takes one first step. Don’t let this thing called fear, which is not real stop you. Here is a challenge, imagine that there is a house of fear at the bottom of your street. Imagine entering the house and there are different rooms to enter, which contains a fear. Visualise opening the door and discovering that the fear is not real; how it was your mind playing tricks. Do you feel much lighter?

I love to hear your thoughts on how the house of fear challenge went. Please share your response in comments.