Season 1, Episode 5: Meet Dr Laura Nelson: Founder of the conscious entrepreneur

In this episode we meet Dr. Laura Nelson, who is an international coach, speaker and inner mastery expert. She is the founder of the new revolutionary technique the conscious entrepreneur and owner of conscious entrepreneur academy. As an entrepreneur and multi-talented go-getter, Laura understands the challenges of wanting to present your expertise. Her background originally stems from the sciences where she studied pharmacology at Cambridge, and later a doctorate in neuroscience. She has always had a fascination of exploring both the rational and creative part of the mind. But Dr. Laura Nelson’s story does not stop there; she has also worked in different industries including journalism. Once she is passionate about a cause she knows how to get her voice heard. She has appeared on national TV networks throughout the world; and has appeared as a speaker on the prestigious global think-tank platform TED. Who better to share with us, how we can use our greatest asset – ourselves, which may sometimes be under utilized. Learn how you can use your many skills to become an expert and share your best self with the world. Why hide it?

In this episodes Laura shares:

2:16: Her story and what she learnt about ‘personal responsibility’. What inspired her to launch the conscious entrepreneur? Teaser quote: “Looked good on paper…but inside I felt unfulfilled…”

7:38: The benefits of expressing our unique voices and talents. Teaser quote:  “It’s a tragedy” people thinking that they are not creative”

19:00: What is an expert. Teaser:how there are many ways to express yourself that has become the expert industry. Teaser quote: “Anyone can become an expert”

23:28: Two things that you can do move beyond feeling pressure as an go-getter. Teaser quote: “ will feel good when you do it…”

30:19: How we overcome challenges by an inside, outside approach

35:00: The Hamleys  international news story.

42:25: Why it is important to understand your inner workings.  Teaser quote: “Otherwise your mind will control you”

47:27: Why lifestyle balance is not the most helpful phrase for you. Teaser quote: “Priorities is a much better word”

51:15: The benefits of being a conscious entrepreneur, how a non-entrepreneur can benefit too.

57:00: Why indecision is not good for your health.

58:40: find out what Laura was answering in the following quote: “Their dreams and goals are more important than their problems” 61:02:  Things to consider when seeking further training as an entrepreneur.

68:00: Laura’s go-getter word for the year.

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Season 1, episode 4: The Wealth Chef: Ann Wilson

In this episode we meet Ann Wilson a self-made multi-millionaire, who is often referred to as the Wealth Chef.  Yes, in this episode we are talking about the ‘M’ word, money.  Ann was a teenager when her late father taught her the lesson, “How you must take responsibility for your own financial wellbeing”

Fast forward to when Ann grew up, she got into debt and decided that she wanted to master this thing called money – become financially literate. Now she helps people become financially literate with her wealth recipes; hence why she is known as the Wealth Chef.  Ann Wilson_ Wealth Chef 1She has students from a different regions around the world. Her expertise on money is sought by large corporates and in the personal development world. She has appeared on prominent radio shows throughout the world. You will learn from this episode how income and assets are not the same. Do not be afraid of these financial terms, as this understanding will help you master your financial freedom! Ann explains what is financial freedom, and how you can achieve this too.

As well as teaching people about financial freedom, Ann is a life adventurer. She can can fly aeroplanes and this year she became a Hays House author.  So she is certainly a Go-Getter Me!

In this episodes Ann shares:


  • 5:20: What was the motivator for her to decide that she wanted to build financial freedom. Teaser Quote: ‘ the fear of money running out”
  • 9:40 – How Ann went from a money binger to a money anorexic.
  • 10:19:  Why it is important to understand the difference between saving and investing. Teaser: “You want money to be working for you”
  • 16:49 – Why it is important to Pay yourself first.
  • 17:00: The Break-Even epidemic, why it is harmful to our financial health. Why you want to move away from this.
  • 20:08: Why you should not focus on debt if you want to get out of debt.
  • 23:10: How there is not one way to build wealth. Teaser: Moving away from the industrial paradigm, having multi-streams.
  • 32:10: How your relationships with other people can play a part in money behaviour.  Teaser quote: “Be aware of who your peer group is …..”
  • 37:10: Why your greatest asset is yourself. Teaser quote: “If you are not growing, then you’re dying”
  • 43:19: The different types of decision makers. Which one are you? Teaser: Making decisions from fear, rather than a GoGetter.
  • 46:40: Her thoughts on lifestyle balance. Teaser quote: “Not thinking of it as work, but more about something you enjoy”
  • 54:30: Describes her definition of who is a go-getter. Teaser quote: ‘Nothing is forever. Nothing is undoable’.
  • 57:29: What is Ann’s Go-Getter word for this year.
  • 60:00 – Ann’s good news.
  • 61:01: Why Ann should be singing the Go-Getter theme.


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  • The Go-Getter Me podcast show is now live on iTunes and Stitcher. Scroll down to listen to the interview with Ann Wilson.

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Mr Spectator

At the beginning of this week, in the world of celebrity, there has been a lot buzz around the recent marriage of pop star Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (formerly known as Cheryl Cole). You may be thinking, why I am opening with a news story about celebrity and marriage. I’m talking about this, as it is an everyday like topic. And in this world, people like to talk about what others are up to – sometimes referred to as gossip. Secondly, love and romance is one of those popular topics as it touches upon the universal religion of love.


“I do not know Cheryl”

I do not know Cheryl Fernandez-Versini personally, like a lot of the people commenting on her recent marriage. But found it interesting some of the negative comments suggesting that it was a ‘fools rush in’ type of romance, as she allegedly met her now husband in May of this year. Usually, I choose not to participate in this, especially as it is not a constructive use of my energy. Who am I to judge, anyway? Maybe I should retract the last sentence, as it is very human to look at an object, situation and person; and make a judgement. Judgements can easily be made on an outer appearance.  For example, the rude waitress at the restaurant whom you may assume must not get enough love and action at home. So we can all do that. But how about trying to put more of a positive spin on things?


Positive Spin

As I begin this next section, I can imagine that there are going to be a combination of people reading this. To be more specific, some of the following Mr Men characters:


Mr Chatterbox

Mr Happy

Mr Grumble

Little Miss Wise

Mr Cheerful

Mr Jelly

Little Miss Star

Mr Brave

Mr Worry

Mr Nosey


There are many more characters but I will take a pause here. You will see from the above that there are many people with different characteristics, experiences that will have an impact on how they choose to see things. The character Mr Happy, will probably of heard the news and said, “good for Cheryl, finding love and getting married”. Mr Worry may instead of taking a different stance, thinking about the why it may not work out. Coming from fear based thoughts. This now takes me to thoughts and being aware of whether your thoughts are: 1) true 2) constructive 3) helpful and 4) positive. Why is this important? It is important since you cannot escape from your thoughts. How you feel will have an impact on your body, how you interact with the world, and how the world interacts with you. Question: Do you want to feel happier and healthier? And, no I am not following with an infomercial.



Throwing rotten tomatoes

[Tweet “Question, do you want to be that spectator throwing rotten tomatoes? Be conscious of your thoughts, have loving thoughts #SophiaWorldWisdom”]


Going back to celebrity watching, these days we are spoilt with the amount of mediums where we can find out the latest story. Be entertained. You can argue that this has been going on for a long time. In times gone by there were public punishments, humiliation and executions. Let’s take the throwing of rotten vegetables. It was not very nice for recipient, but may have been entertaining for some of the audience. Is this how you want to be?  At this point you may want to ask yourself, “Why am I choosing to participate in this?” Some of the common answers to this question may be:


  • It is entertaining.
  • I want some escapism.
  • The celebrities have signed up to be public.
  • It makes me feel better about my life.



Taking the last sentence, we can spin this. Yes, it is good to see people vulnerabilities, as this is part of what makes us human. So in Cheryl’s case you may say that this is a person who seems to have gone through some love battles, but all she is looking for is connecting further to love in a relationship. Some relationships will last a long time, whilst others may be shorter but there is always something to be gained. A bit like the soul mate argument, whereby a person may only meant to be there for the part of your journey. Does this spin make you feel better then coming from the mindset, “That will not last. That’s heading for heartbreak” Question: did that last sentence feel more heavy, rather than light?



The Spectator


So next time when you decide to comment on a person in the public arena, what will be your thoughts? Negative, positive, or constructive? Do you want to [really] be throwing rotten tomatoes?



Season 1, episode 3: The one with Ariaaisms: Ariaa Jaeger

In this episode we meet best-selling author, spiritual coach and mentor Ariaa Jaeger. Ariaa has had an interesting life. This includes working on the set of the TV shows Full House and LA Law. She has sung for the United Nations, and has met some prominent rock musicians.  In 1993, she experienced a death experience that changed her life forever. From this experience she decided to use the insight that she gained to not only approach her life differently, but too also help others connect to their inner resources and live in a more positive manner. Her work has received attention on the social media platform Twitter. She has also caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who has also interviewed her. The theme of this show is looking out our inner resources.


In this episode Ariaa shares:


  • 4:40 – How there is usually a close correlation between illness and inner personal issues. How meditation can be used to get closer to the truth.Teaser quote: ‘Flat line the brain waves’
  • 12:45: Why it is important to be honest with yourself. Teaser quote: “Self denial will lead to [your] eventual implosion”.
  • 13:20: The end of day test that you can do to help you reflect and move forward in a positive manner.
  • 17:00: Finding your path. Teaser: ‘seek not to be validated, but seek to be comfortable in your own skin’ from her book Araaisms.
  • 18:22- Insight into feeling confident about our own our decision making and taking personal responsibility. Teaser: “You have the answers within”
  • 23:00: Her Hollywood experience including LA Law and her connection with the musician David Bowie.
  • 25:00: Her death experience, which was the catalyst to her changing her life and helping people.
  • 30:50: Why mistakes can be good for you.
  • 39:00: ‘The Fuck You’ incident. Teaser line: “you are going to get what you attract”
  • 42:10: Ariaa tips for attracting the things you want into your life.
  • 52:25: What is her word for the year
  • 55:35: Her thoughts on being selfish – self-love.
  • 58:12: She talks about how you contribute to the world. Teaser quote: “don’t get caught up in a participant culture”


You can visit Ariaa’s website and find out more here. You can also purchase her books, which are now also available on Kindle on Amazon. She is very social and you can follow her, and her conversations via Twitter or FaceBook.

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Season 1, Episode 2: The one with the nano-economics guy – Halim Madi

In this episode we meet the entrepreneur Halim Madi, who wrote and published his first book of poetry at the age of 17. He owns two businesses. He co-owns Birdback, a company which has a leading platform for connecting online offers to offline transactions using card linked offers. Think, using only one of your bankcards, which allows you to get discount incentives whilst shopping at a variety of stores. He is also the brainchild and chief owner of Nanominded.Halim Madi

As well as being an entrepreneur, Halim is a thought leader; and has been a speaker at TED events in multi-countries, including France and London.  One of his recent talks was on happiness. He is certainly a go-getter!


In this episode Halim shares:


  • 2:18: What is nano-economics. A lesson that was learnt via the 2007 credit crisis on how we are more evolved than just being rational beings. Teaser quote:  ‘We share emotions and our hopes for the future”
  • 6:43: Where was his entrepreneurial spirit was born? ‘The need to seize an opportunity when you see it”
  •  9:13: What  ‘E’ word initially drove him to become a go-getter. Teaser quote: “why not me?”
  •  11:33: The ‘L” word, lessons. Teaser: Being curious.
  •  19:30 Lifestyle balances. Teaser Quote: “How we live our days, is how we live our lives”. Bonus tips on how he structures his days, including how he ends a day on a positive note.
  • 23:00: How he describes a go-getter in 3 steps. 1. Curious 2. Be a doer 3. Opportunistic
  • 25:00: Tips to deal with making those difficult decisions. Teaser Quote: “Factoring out social knowledge”
  •  27:47: Ideas for wanting to get started with a new idea.
  •  28:42: What is his word for the year.
  •  31:31: The value of acceptance in dealing with challenges.
  • 33:40: His book, Reprise or Recrise?
  •  38:20: His go-getter tip, the value of uncertainty and a movie that has recently inspired him. Teaser Quote:  “Life is a playground, where you can create your own story”.


Go-Getter articles that Halim recommends:


How you can connect to Halim

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  • The Go-Getter Me podcast show is now live on iTunes and Stitcher. Scroll down to listen to the interview with Halim Madi.

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Season 1, Episode 1: The Bionic Chef – Eduardo Garcia

Welcome to the premier episode of the lifestyle and mindset show GoGetter Me, where we go behind the scenes of entrepreneur and inspirational people. In this episode we meet Eduardo Garcia, a classically trained chef and entrepreneur who has travelled around the world.Back in the kitchenBack in 2011 due to a hunting accident he lost his left hand. Despite this and finding out about another life threatening illness, he decided to strive forward and in a go-getter form continued to live and create the life he wanted. As well as sometimes appearing on TV networks like CNN and cooking segments, he is the owner of the food company Montana Mex. He also supports and participates in charity events.  In this inspirational interview you will hear about his story before and after the accident.

In this episode Eduardo shares:

  • 3:40: What inspired him to start his business with the philosophy of ‘active ingredient’. Teaser: No kitchen, no problem attitude
  • 11:30 – How he approaches challenges, the steps.
  • 14:30: Things to consider when opportunity presents itself. (Teaser quote:”Regardless of how sweet the fruit hangs in front of you, step back and just think about: 1…..”
  • 17:44: How he makes that big decision
  • 20:11: What he thinks about intuiton
  • 20:40: How failure can be positive
  • 23:33: What he defines as lifestyle balance
  • 27:14: What he perceives as happiness. (Teaser: it is not as complicated as you may think)
  • 35:00: Tips for making changes in your life.
  • 40:08: Why it is important to live by you own standards.
  • 46:10: Talks about the ‘h’ word – help.
  • 49:00: He describes what is a go-getter.
  • 49:57: Find out Eduardo’s word for this year

How to connect with Eduardo Garcia

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  • The Go-Getter Me podcast show is now live on iTunes and Stitcher. Scroll down to listen to the interview with Eduardo Garcia.

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