Almost Perfect: A story on making it happen (releasing “blockage”)


Recently I have not been creative in “drawing” and creating stories through my words. Where had all the creativity gone? Was it due to a block – a writers block – to be more specific? This was after all a common issue that a writer may encounter once in a while. It can probably be argued that we all experience a form of “blockage”, at different intervals during our lives.

Here, I will discuss emotional, mental “blockage”, which brings up a subject close to my heart: going out there and achieving your possibilities. Recently, I launched an inspirational campaign aimed at helping people in fulfilling their potential, regardless of what challenges they may encounter: what’s stopping you?

This was an idea/concept born from the people that I may encounter in my daily life, from the customer in a hair salon, telling me about their frustrations of wanting to start new career in a different field; to a disillusioned graduate still not securing a job, months after leaving University. I would start the conversation asking where they would like to go, and it was amazing by the end of this conversation: how their whole body language, demeanour, would change after giving them a prep chat on options and paths that can be taken. I thought: think of the work I can do with people, to help inspire and motivate them to achieve their dreams. These not only involved me coaching and mentoring, but also collaborating with other individuals and businesses that may want to mentor, share ideas, jobs within a network.

So what’s stopping you purpose was to release the block in terms of barriers that a person may believe they have in obtaining a career, or learning goal. How about my block?

I launched a new start-up this year, a training business, ProActive Vision Training.  Setting up a business is “scary” but a continuous learning process. I thought I had set of clear intentions of where I would like to take the business. If you asking whether I have made mistakes, yes, of course I have. This project has been very important to me, as it was an extension of me – my baby!

In this next paragraph, you may be questioning did I answer the question, “how about my block?” I am leading up to this. My block has been, wanting to do things very well: almost perfect.  In terms of the creative process, like one speaker said recently, “ go with the flow with the creative process in the “storming” stages. If you analyse too much, you are at risk of losing the essence. The full potential!”