Possibilities: Our Inner Resources

Sometimes life seems like an obstacle course, the best laid plans having unexpected surprises cropping up. These are tests to see how we will face these challenges, I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase ‘ don’t lose sight of the end goal’, but sometimes it seems that there are forces beyond our control conspiring against us, keeping us from this ‘goal’. So what do we do? Do we crumble and fall, change our plans or do we determined as ever charge forth to our goal.

This past year I have found to be the year of duplicities, with every negative there has been a counter positive and vice versa. I have found there have been moments of despair and moments of euphoria. I have felt that sometimes I can not get anything right no matter how hard I try and then sometimes I have felt like an unstoppable force. However, throughout all these times I have remembered my ‘inner resources’, this is a term I have heard over the years. We all have something internal within us that we can draw on in these times, this grounding force that can return us to a place of balance.

For some their ‘inner resource’ may be spiritual, drawing on the feeling of a higher being protecting them and guiding them through these challenges. Personally I have found it helps to focus my thoughts and energies internally, I listen to my breath and calm it, I listen to my body where is the tightness and I take my mind to my ‘happy place’. I visualise a field of wild flowers, I am lying in the soft grass, eyes closed I can feel the warmth of the sun on my body; I can hear the buzz of nature surrounding me. I feel safe here, I feel loved here and I feel I will survive.

In this busy social world, where we always seem to need to be moving I ask all of you to take a moment and just draw on those ‘inner resources’ and to trust them, take your mind to your own personal ‘happy place’.

Let Love In: Preview

On Saturday the 20th October, I attended a love workshop: Let Love In. This was organised and presented by the two lovely “spirits”, Sara Ellis and Nisha Gera. Sarah is a hypnotherapist, who also has her own radio show on Untangled FM. Nisha specialises in yoga, massage, Reiki and laughter yoga. This was a workshop getting participants ready to be open to love. There was focus not only on mind but also body. It ended with a laughing high – Yoga Laughter.


Earlier on this year, I attended a book launch for the book How to be Selfish. There was an after party book launch where the guests mingled and got to know each other. There was a mixture of fascinating people, from designers to an owner of a diamond business. Towards the end of the evening, I ended up sitting at a table with the renowned psychic Douglas Ballard. I did not ask directly for a reading; I’m always thought it was best to allow people to come to me with messages, instead of directly going out there.  He did one reading on another lady who was sitting at this table with me, and then he turned to me and made an announcement. It was something very positive – Something Big.

This year has been an interesting year for me, it began with an up – I was in “red”  – seemed to be on “fire”. Then I had a slight dip in fortunes, then an upward move again; including some excitement for the “love series” – keep posted for the book!  Then a downward period ensued and I had entered the Yellow phase: “a period where activity is “low” and one has retreated inwardly.” You probably wondering where I got the inspiration for this description, actually, a TV show: Homeland. I had recently become fan, yes; maybe a bit of a late-developer but that has never stopped me before, progressing.

So what happened during this yellow period and how did I come out of it? Well, after being on an up throughout the summer, climaxing with the Paralympics final. I was hit with a “bombshell”, realised that I had made a “big” error of judgement. This led to an orgy of emotions; mainly confusion, upset, shock and anger. You will notice that some of these were “negative” emotions.  For me it left me without direction; I was not able to “focus” and I felt there was a block on things coming to me. I got so into the yellow period, I had not realise how I was on pause. This included the business, my creative output and love – yes my writing.

So what changed? I woke up one day, as you do and thought that I had to take back control. This was from facing the doubter “gremlins” to the “wrongdoers”. But before getting to this step, I needed to re-focus, re-connect to my inner-self; some may describe this as the “-ing”, as one author Gabrielle Bernstein mentioned in her book Spirit Junkie

In this modern world we live in today, it is so easy to become detached from our spiritual self. Some spiritual people, this includes the healers and psychics believe that we are born with certain “sensors” and “instincts” but we lose touch of them. Maybe this can be for another discussion.

So which phase did I enter next? The green faze where I slowly plot my revenge. This meant loosely, how I was going to come back fighting – my strategy.

The purple phase will be the part where I see things through and see the “positive” results – the Something Big.

Something Big…October 2012

This month, October, is an exciting month for me with some exciting projects coming to life. I had the opportunity to attend a get together with the team behind a new and exciting brand, @30ishme. This is an e-magazine focusing on the women who are in their 30’s, successful and single, do not have children and want to enjoy life – their lifestyle. I loved this blazon, no-apologies attitude of embracing the single life. I too had been victim to Singlism, a term that refers to the stigmatising of adults who are single. Once I was asked by my handy-man why I do not have children, how they were a blessing. After a few moments, I thought: was this man pitying me for not yet being a mother?

The heart and soul of this new brand 30ish me is the lovely Canadian, Shannon Eastman. She originally started this as a creative output then later envisaged a “possibility” that she is now “realising”. It was also interesting to hear her story, her journey. From being in a marriage to divorcing, starting over yet again. I found her to be quite courageous, about facing a challenge and deciding to take control and find an opportunity.

I will now return back to possibilities. I have a daily mantra that you may have seen in my daily twitter: “Today is a BRIGHT day, full of POSSIBILITIES”. The aim of this is to wake up, not dwell on too much the previous day activities, look forward and be open to what may occur. It is amazing how you may have one conversation with a person, and this can lead you straight to an opportunity.

During the evening we were put to work, we had a speaker ask us outright: “Do you understand the difference between a goal v a possibility?”
I must admit that I have not looked at the semantics of these two words in great detail. I perceived them to be similar and that there was an overlap between the two. A goal to me was something that I can achieve that is measurable. You could also apply S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). A possibility however is something that may not have been tried, was big and could lead to a great award. Steve Jobs was used as an example, how he foresaw the possibility of launching a small device that could store a huge library of music – known as the iPod. If you read his book like I did for my book club last year, you would have come across the concept: field distorted reality. This was Steve Jobs way of convincing people that his vision, no matter how unbelievable it appeared to be was possible.

Maybe it’s a natural human thing of wanting to be in reality, but what was the matter of thinking BIG, having a dream. Talking about a dream, reference was made to that famous Dr Martin Luther King’s: I had a dream speech.

When looking at some of the greatest inventions of all time it was conceived in someone’s mind, they dreamed about it’s actualisation.: felt it, smelt it and tasted it. One of the final tasks of the night was to write a list of points of what is happening to us on a future date.

As I started this piece, I began by discussing how this was an exciting month. Part of it was with me having a vision; an idea; which to some may be “big”, but I believe it is “possible” and can feel it happening.

Keep posted to find out what is happening in my world.