The “talker”

The “talker”

What is the word for a person who likes to over promise, says that they will do something and fails to deliver?  The over promisor, talker, chatter, idiot or bulls£$ter?

I once knew a guy who liked to talk about what he planned to do, from becoming a business owner by the age of forty to having the dream wedding on a Bali beach.  But this had all been: “talk, talk, talk”.  He seemed not to be able to fulfil promises, and I soon begun to think of him as the story teller.  Some stories are interesting and will keep the reader captivated, so you will want to continue with the read; whilst others will become “predictable” until the reader starts to lose interest – there is a sense of I know what is going to happen next.

Why do some people make promises that they cannot keep? Is it that they start off with the best intentions of wanting to do something, then “chicken out” when the reality of the idea, concept materialises?  Or could it be the case of selling a concept to the audience, hoping that they will believe enough in your vision and vote, as in the case of the Politician.

I have met people, who once they have an idea or concept, refuse to divulge details to others; and this can be due to not wanting to “tempt” fate. I can totally understand this, not wanting to talk when in the developing, “storming” stage – as one would describe in business, or even in teaching textbooks.  And of course, be careful about someone thinking the idea is theirs and putting it into action before you.  This happens all the time and I have a friend whose business idea was taken by another – the surprise they had, that Sunday morning, where they saw their “proposed” product being sold by their now ex-friend.

Going back to the talker, Peter Jones, the successful entrepreneur summed it up when talking about business (and life); how you do not get anywhere with talking, it is about taking action. I prefer to have “done”, than “wondered”. Just talk is boring.