Week 6-8: The Inner Workings

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You may wonder where I have been for the past 6-9 weeks? And whether I have been exercising? To answer you: I did not take a break from my weekly exercise. I continued to meet up with Annie at Battersea Park. I did however realize that there were some areas I needed to work on besides building stamina.  I needed to look at what was going on from within. Our inner workings are always important, as they will be projected outwards.


Need to release my tension

The root of some illnesses starts from within the mind. Stress can start out as “just” affecting your emotions, but it can soon begin to have an affect on your physical wellbeing. During week 8, I found the session to be a struggle to begin with as my muscles were tensed up. I was doing some exercises where I needed to use weights. Annie soon noticed this just wasn’t working and adapted the session. The focus was shifted to getting me to relax and ease the tension in my muscles. We did this by doing some dancing/aerobic exercises and some mat work.  After this session I felt so much more relaxed. It was most certainly what the doctor ordered.


The Green Room – My time-out

Currently a lot of new changes are coming about in my life. Change is natural and it is good. I am looking forward to entering some new phases in my life, including moving countries later on in the year. Doing new things in my business. It will not be my first time sharing this, nor my last, but there are times when I am not too sure how things will come together. But I always have faith and trust that it is happening.

At the same time when I am doing certain things, I must not forget about my body; and it became evident that I did exactly that when I started to get tensed; which manifested in a workout session.

And like I described in my book Be Happy, I too need to do regular time-outs, where I am in a safe space, with no judgments and not focusing on everyday life but more on breathing. Taking time away from my daily routine. Smelling the roses and finding the joys of life.  My body was warning me: “Don’t forget to go to the green room”.

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Checking some stuff out

It is always advisable to go for a full physical with your doctor or nurse, once you start to embark on any physical training journey. I have done this before when I was experiencing lower back pains and was then introduced to Pilates by my doctor. And even with my old Pilates teacher there were forms that I needed to fill out before I started working with her.

During my training with Annie I noticed that I started to experience some symptoms like getting cramps and in one session I got dizzy. To note, according to my last check up, everything seemed fine. This included my iron levels while I have a history of anemia. So I knew I needed to look into matters further. I first went to my doctor and he checked my heart and blood pressure and they seemed to be fine. So the next step was for him to order some blood tests.  It’s good to do a process of elimination.

I also know people who are specialists in nutrition and diet, so I decided to seek out their advice. Yes, I have studied nutrition myself, but as I am not fully qualified, I felt it was a good idea good to ask an expert. Someone who has studied his or her specialism extensively at an accredited course provider, as well as having post qualification experience. After all you cannot ‘risk’ your health.  I am lucky to have access to this. One person I did speak to was a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.  Please find a description here of what functional medicine is, taken from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

One thing I know from my studies and was also reminded about, was how we are all biologically ‘unique’, so what works for one person in terms of nutritional requirements will not be identical to what works for another person. The advice I got only applies to me. So, I will keep you posted on this part of my journey.


Question: Have there been times when you almost reached a burn-out and had forgotten to take your time-out?


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