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Since late 2014, I have been on a mission to get healthy.  To find out more about my motivations please read “To worship my body” .

At first, my focus has been to look at what I was eating, because as the saying goes, “You are what you eat”.  Later on in my journey I would learn that even what my mother ate before I was born, had an impact on me and my health.

Now I want to talk about how movement – also known as exercise – is important in the ‘getting healthy journey’. I must admit that up until recently, I had controlled my weight and looks by what I ate. And I seemed to be doing okay, with a light to moderate exercise regime. I was staying slim and sexy. But it soon would become evident that I had to do more. I noticed that I managed to put on half a stone, while I thought I was eating healthy. And that I was doing all the right things. I was quickly coming to the conclusion that I might have to change my motto: ‘I do not do gyms’.

Get moving 

I am not a person who is into making resolutions, because I find that they are typically short-term. Not sustainable. In January however, there was a thought in the back of my head that I knew I could no longer ignore. Something that I knew I needed to do. I knew that I needed to incorporate more exercise into my healthy lifestyle.  Please note how I use the word lifestyle, as that is the key to sustaining a practice.  Making it part of your life and committing to it. Even if it at times may not be your favourite thing to do, it has to be done, like brushing your teeth.

Finding my fitness Doula 

Definition of a Doula: 

“A woman who gives support, help, and advice to another woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth” 

I knew that I needed support in my journey to get fit. I needed someone who would give me practical and emotional support.  The person who would, in the midst of me doing a set of exercise reps, or if I was getting to a difficult moment, get me to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone. I found this person in Annie. It is kind of funny how I found her. It was no accident, it was meant to be. Initially, I was looking to start doing Pilates again. To join a class.  I asked an acquaintance for information about how, when and where I could best start and she sent me a link with a list of classes. When I was scouring through the email, I came across a link to an instructor who had her own website. I went onto the website and was impressed. For one thing, the instructor seemed welcoming, and what’s more, she was a specialist in TRX. This was something that I wanted to try. I thought ‘this is the Universe’s way of working its magic.’. So I called Annie and arranged my first session with her.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 23.11.55

My fitness journey  

Each week I will be showing you the “behind the scenes” of my getting healthy journey. Here is a brief account of the first three weeks.

Week one- Find what’s important to you in a trainer 

What I liked about my first session with Annie was how she eased me into the fitness regime. What I experienced when I went to a gym previously, was that there are many trainers who do not pay attention to the individual. What I mean is that they don’t look at where a person is at with their personal fitness. What their weak spots are. For me, my right side seems to be the stronger side. I also have an issue with my knee. I would advise that when choosing a trainer, you look for one who is well qualified and make sure you check out how their former and current clients review them. It is important to work with someone who you have good rapport with, as they will be part of journey, in a partnership if you will, to get you to your peak fitness.

Week two – Make sure that you get your breakfast fuel 


There is a lot of information out there on what you should be eating while in training. That day I modified my eating. I ate less. This had an impact on my session with Annie. I found myself struggling when I was doing some of the weight exercises. Annie mentioned that I needed to eat a good breakfast. Your body needs fuel. So I learnt my lesson, which was to eat well before an intense workout.

Week three – You have to keep going, its not a quick fix 

When I was younger, I used to be part of a gymnastic’s club. I was agile, had strong core muscles, which made it easy for me to hold myself in the 100 position. We even used to do competitions on who could hold out the longest. I would often be the winner.

This week’s session was focusing on the stomach area and my legs.  I had a moment when I said to my personal trainer Annie: “Wow, I have not engaged some of these core muscles in a while!”.

Yes, I did some condition training, to help with strengthening my core muscles and legs. To resolve the issue with my knee, I needed to strengthen my legs.

 I found that whilst I was doing my power walk on the treadmill, I was working harder than the previous week. Annie had mentioned then, that I needed to work harder in order to get my body fitter. That my pace was ‘laid back’. Now I was finally coming to understand what a “workout” was.

There also came a point where I thought that there should be some sort of way to go about things in terms of getting to my peak fitness faster, but Annie reminded me of the life lesson that quick fixes are not the solution. People sometimes desire something right here and now and expect it to work immediately; not realizing that the really good things in life happen gradually. And that you need to keep at it. Just think of the amount of times that some people try something, then quit, whereas if they had continued they would be at their desired destination by now.

Me after my workout

Me after my workout

This week’s exercise tip– Find out your big why. Why it is important for you to become fit. I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Meet Annie – the official LoveHappyBody personal trainer

Meet Annie, a lady who loves movement. She is a certified fitness instructor who enjoys dancing as well as running marathons for charity. She is an in demand personal trainer, who not only helps her clients to achieve their results, but she makes it fun. Her current clientèle includes high profile people and celebrities. You can find out more about her here.

She is currently working with Sophia Husbands of SophiaWorld, who is on her own lovehappybody journey into getting fitter and healthier. Follow Sophia’s progress each week, as she gives you an honest and candid account of her road towards getting fit.

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