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    Thank you for joining the LoveHappyBody Community. We’re very pleased to have you and we hop you will have a pleasant time here.

    Share you stories and experiences with us.
    There are many like-minded people who are also experiencing stress, pain, resentment and sadness. We’re here to support each other, not to judge, so being yourself will result in you developing strong connections.
    Comment and reply. This encourages people to take part and feel like valued members of the community.


    ADVERTISE. This is a community to discuss everyday type of issues. To engage as fellow human beings. So please do not add hyperlinks that are either selling or promoting brands. If you are unsure on a post please contact one of the admins.

    Be disrespectful to other community members. Constructive feedback is welcome but do not abuse or ridicule other members. This discourages people from contributing and defeats the objective of the group.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by  LoveHappyBody.

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