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“J’apprends” or “I learn”

It is never too late to learn. It is never too late to look at something from a different perspective. It is never too late to learn a new insight, which may even be about you, as life is a continuous learning journey. I am a fan of that Shakespeare line “All the world is […]

S.I.P (Single Important Person)

“You’re selfish, as you are always taking care of your needs first”. I heard this sentence being spoken to me and I did not react. I did not react in a negative way, which may have consisted of me getting either upset or defensive. I did not think that being ‘selfish’ or addressing my needs […]

Listen to your heart

Often when I am making a decision, I will either use my [rational] mind or connect more with my emotional [heart] side. With both of these it can provide either the same answer, or opposing views. Recently, I was thinking about making decisions; as it came up in a personal reading I had with a […]

Which religion do you believe in?

Religion is not usually a topic that I would write about, but I was asked my thoughts on this by one of my readers.  So here it is Shana, religion – one of the dinner table discussion taboos! In terms of religion, I grew up in a family where the faith system was based on Christianity. […]

The House of Fear

There is an epidemic going about. It begins with the letter ‘F’, fear. In the world we live in, change is inevitable. There are always new things to learn and discoveries. We have seen this with some of the great inventions, from the steam trains to the World Wide Web. As habitual creatures, this can […]

Season 1, Episode 5: Meet Dr Laura Nelson: Founder of the conscious entrepreneur

In this episode we meet Dr. Laura Nelson, who is an international coach, speaker and inner mastery expert. She is the founder of the new revolutionary technique the conscious entrepreneur and owner of conscious entrepreneur academy. As an entrepreneur and multi-talented go-getter, Laura understands the challenges of wanting to present your expertise. Her background originally […]

Season 1, episode 4: The Wealth Chef: Ann Wilson

In this episode we meet Ann Wilson a self-made multi-millionaire, who is often referred to as the Wealth Chef.  Yes, in this episode we are talking about the ‘M’ word, money.  Ann was a teenager when her late father taught her the lesson, “How you must take responsibility for your own financial wellbeing” Fast forward to […]