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Is the office making you fat?

  Offices! I sure have spent a lot of my working life being in one. This began when I was a student working as a data entry analyst whilst on a semester break from University. Even then, I found it to be interesting in terms of the dynamics, including the different characters. My mum once […]

Would you rather win the lottery or be financially free?

  It’s a first for me to write an article on money. Maybe this has been because it is usually classified as one of the taboo topics to openly talk about in the social sphere. But then again, I am the person who most recently birthed a movement called ‘The Age of Honesty’. And, isn’t […]

“I used to think I was ugly”

Like probably many of you, I saw the recent video of singer Pink winning an award at the VMA awards and sharing an intimate story about her daughter. Her daughter had told her how she looked like a boy and felt ugly. I loved the sweet manner in which she shared with both her daughter […]

Why is that Life Coach Shouting at Me?

I got officially into the world of self-development back in 2012. Two years prior to that, I started my own journey into getting to know myself again. Skip forward three years, and I was learning to love myself, again. So my five year anniversary is fast approaching, to celebrate when I started to share with […]

Know thyself – Part 1

In order to know where it is that you want to go, you first have to understand who you are.   So who am I? Image from BigStock You are a person who plays different roles in your everyday life. With each of these roles also come responsibilities. This may be in your personal relationships […]

Week 6-8: The Inner Workings

Follow my blog with Bloglovin You may wonder where I have been for the past 6-9 weeks? And whether I have been exercising? To answer you: I did not take a break from my weekly exercise. I continued to meet up with Annie at Battersea Park. I did however realize that there were some areas […]

Week 5: Happy Mind, Healthy Body

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This week I had a break from my usual weekly fitness session with Annie, as I was away on vacation. Vacations are always a difficult time to stick to the regular regime when it comes to food and exercise. [Missed week 4, check it out here] So, did I fall […]

Week 4: Carbohydrates are not your enemy

Follow my blog with Bloglovin In the time leading up to my next session with my personal trainer, I admit that I did have a moment of: “Do I have to do this?” To see my previous 3 weeks, read ‘Getting back to my fitness: Finding my fitness doula‘ It is normal and fine to […]