Week 5: Happy Mind, Healthy Body

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This week I had a break from my usual weekly fitness session with Annie, as I was away on vacation. Vacations are always a difficult time to stick to the regular regime when it comes to food and exercise.

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travel time

So, did I fall off the wagon?

“The mind is also interconnected with the healthy body”

I decided to take my recent break because I was feeling close to burned out. There was not one particular point but a series of different points – building up.

Most of it was work-related, both with my work as a consultant, as well as my own developing business.

To top it off there was also my self-development work. This is the time I invest in myself for my wellness, fitness and learning business tools. It all adds up to make for a busy life, and we can feel balanced or not at times.

When I first told Annie about my feelings of being close to burned out, and how I wanted to get away, she responded with an interesting comeback. She mentioned how it is not only about getting the tools from  a retreat on living a balanced life. But it is about how you incorporate it and make it part of your lifestyle going forward.To paraphrase it, it went something like this: “I don’t go away to find my calm or cope with burnout. I create a lifestyle that works for me and does not cause me to want to escape due to getting burnout to begin with.”

She continued with how she has seen many people taking vacations to ease the feeling of a burnout, sometimes attending retreats and getting taught some tools to cope with everyday stress, but once they returned to their day-to-day lives the old patterns returned. Thus resulting in a vicious cycle. So the question was: ‘What were my lifestyle patterns that were not working for me?’ I still needed the break so I decided to book the trip anyway. Whilst I was away I could ponder what changes I was supposed to make to create that lifestyle that wouldn’t cause me to get burned out.

“I decided to go on my own”

I have experienced many times before how I feel like a lone traveller when I am on my journey to a destination. Actually, we are all lone travellers in this life journey. I decided to do this trip solo, although initially I was going to go with one of my friends. In a way I’m glad it turned out the way it did, as I did not need to be dealing with other people’s stuff – their stories. I needed to listen to mine.

I did have fun although I did get to a point where I thought it wasn’t right but this turned around. I got something from the trip that I did not expect. A new realization and a lesson to liberate me. What can be more awesome?

“A new meaning”

The process of letting go can sometimes be liberating. Letting go of beliefs that may not really be yours. Ones that we may have made an agreement to hang on to a long time ago.

One of my beliefs was to do what was “proper” in terms of relationships. This could mean both long-term and short-term romances.

Now I decide things mainly on what choice makes me feel good. And I no longer embed judgment in those choices – no more thoughts that are there to make me feel bad. How liberating it is to realize that once I know I am following my heart, I am always on the right path. It is all about feeling good.

“The body”

There was no intense cardiovascular exercise as I usually did, with exception of my run from gates 12-34 at the airport, when my flight was leaving in less than 30 minutes. Annie may not have been happy here, on the point of me doing “high impact” running due to the issue I have with my left knee. But rules get broken sometimes. The rest of the trip I paced myself and I merely did some low-impact walking through the streets of Barcelona. I do enjoy walking, especially power walking. I find it also meditative.

On the second day of my trip, I went into a clothes store. As much as I love my body, when I was trying on some of the designs, I did see places that I need to work on to get leaner. As a motivator, I bought myself a new workout outfit. Please be on the lookout for the picture.

Please note that in terms of my fitness plan I am not only looking at the aesthetic but also want to feel good inside. For example: I want to feel better going up a few flights of stairs, instead of being exhausted at the 5th floor.

So I realized, even more, the importance of the work that I’m doing together with Annie. Who doesn’t want to connect to the “feel good”?

“Food wise, we can learn a lot from the Mediterranean way of life”

sardines     salad time

Barcelona was one of the healthier trips that I have undertaken. I ate small portions and healthy foods. Another thing is the way how things are cooked. If you go to my instagram account tagged #sophiaworld #longweekend you will see some of the beautiful food. My trainer had already mentioned to me the benefits of eating smaller portions. I did feel the sense of fullness. That can also be a symbol of this trip. The feeling good; The feeling full, complete. Even, or rather, especially being in my own company!

Until my next week “joy of life”.


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